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Terrain Features : Runes

Rune of Armor
Gives 150 armor for 60 seconds.

Rune of Gold
Gives 400 gold.

Rune of Hell
Gives double damage, 100 armor, and increase HP regeneration by 10hp/sec for 40 seconds.

Rune of Invisibility
Gives Invisibility for 240 seconds.

Rune of Damage
Gives Double damage for 60 seconds.

Rune of Speed
Increases movement speed by 30% for 90 seconds.

Rune of Vampirism
Gives 30 damage and 30% lifesteal for 60 seconds.

Rune of Regeneration
Increases health regeneration by 45hp/sec for 45 seconds.

These runes spawn at random intervals infront of each home teleporter

Terrain Features : Small items

Mana Bush
Restores 30 mana points

Small coin
Gives 50 gold

Manual of Health
Gives permanent 30 health

Good Ale
Restores 600 health

Golden Egg
Gives 100 gold

Dragon Egg
Summons a small red drake for a limited period of 60 seconds

Gives 150 gold

These items are dropped when creeps are killed

news Miscellaneous

Resurrection Stone: Your hero revives near this stone after the set amount of time. This stone will also attack enemies who venture too close.

Ultimate Sentry Wards:These are wards placed close to each spawn point to give view of enemy units nearby.

Damage Meters: These useful units are fixed close to each base and can tell you how much damage you deal in one second and how many hits you landed.

Healing wards: There is one of these in either base that provides very fast health regeneration, they are invunerable and last forever.

Healing fountains there are two of these on the map, on the east and west sides, they provide healing and are a good place to run to when hurt.

Glaive Towers These are the 4 hostile towers along the center of the map when the game begins. It is a good idea to kill these as soon as possible, as once you do they are replaced by an allied tower which is very useful throughout the game.

Hostile Creeps

There are 2 types of ogres, each with different bonuses and rewards

Golden: The usual ogre, this guy spawns beneath the left rune and above the right rune. Killing him will reward all your team with +500 gold when you kill him.

Dire: This ogre spawns in the top left corner and bottom right corner. Upon killing him, your team gets one improved melee creep on one lane. This creep replaces the bandit (or sentry), is stronger than any regular creep, and deals 300% damage to buildings.

These ogres spawn regularly, so remember to check them. Remember that ogres are very aggressive and will chase you, so be wary of cutting through their area if you have any orb items like void charm. Killing the ogres can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Sorrow Knight
The vengeful leader of the hostile creeps. One of the most powerful hostile creeps and easily the most valuable one to kill, but be weary - he has heals, summons, and mountains of hp. Upon killing the Sorrow Knight, you will recieve a powerful creep that spawns with your regular creeps and not to mention, THE SORROW KNIGHT HAMMER.
Granting 80 damage and a 15% bash this item is already awesome, but to throw in the ability to turn into the Sorrow Knight. If you dont want to spend 1 inventory slot for that, you can combine it with one of your legendaries to form an Eternal Item. The Sorrow Knight Hammer truly is worthy of a trip to the area. Not to mention that the Sorrow Knight revives regularly (but deals 30% more damage and has 30% more HP each time he revives).

news Main buildings for Elves/Humans

Main Target Building: In order to win the game you need to destroy this structure, The elves have a Guardian of the ancient tree and the Humans have a castle, upon destruction of either one the game ends and goes into a death-match mode.

Battleship and Tree of Eternity: These are powerful buildings with high hp and a strong attack, these are at opposite ends of the left and right lanes. After being destroyed these respawn every 4 minutes. These also spawn the creeps on the side lanes and no creeps will spawn there when these are destroyed.

Guard Tower and Protector: These are towers placed along each line in for defence, these towers are powerful and have anti-summon and hero attacks, once destroyed these towers do not respawn
There are two these on either side of the main building, the only difference is these two are stronger.

Barracks, Lumbermill and Ancient of War, Ancient of Lore: These otherwise useless buildings provide an armor aura of 15

Main tower (human and elven) :These are the towers located behind the Main (end game) buildings on either end of the map, destroying this will cause all creeps and buildings of the enemy team to have lower damage and Health.

Speed Flags: These are flags placed close to the main base of either team that increase movement speed by 40% in the vicinity of the base, these flags steadily lose hp throughout the game until they eventually die.

Elven and Human Creeps

There are two sets of creeps , elven and human, they both have the same hp and damage as their counterparts.

Centraur and Knight Lord: These are strong creeps on each side, with large hp and high attack damage, one of these spawns with every second creep wave

Huntress and Rogue Wizard: These are the ranged units of each army, they have moderate hp and low damage, one of these spawns with each creep wave

Sentry and Bandit: these are the most common units of each army, they have low hp but moderate damage, three of these spawn with each creep wave

Ancient Druid and Revenant:These are the most powerful creeps in each army, they have large hp and high damage, they also have feedback of 2 mana per attack, these only appear late game, one of these spawns with each creep wave

Creeps will get steadily stronger throughout the game, with increased hp and damage


Perishable Item Shops: There are six of these shops across the map. One in each base and in near the edge fountains , the other two are near the ogres beside the runes.These shops sell items that have a limited amount of uses, such as healing potions and scrolls of teleport,very useful when in a fight and need a quick escape.

Spirit Lodges: There are four of these shops, beside the home teleporters on each side of the map and north or south of the fountains on either end of the map. These shops sell hostile creeps, upon killing them you receive gold and experience points. Be wary of the Battle Golem, he is even more powerful than the Sorrow Knight himself. Creeps bought in this shop will die after a certain period of time in which case you will recieve no gold or experience points.

Basic Shops 1 and 2: These two shops sell items that can be very useful at the beginning of the game, and can be combined into recipes.

Recipe Shops 1-3: These three shops sell recipes that can be built from the basic shop items. The recipes get more expensive the further up the shops you go, with Recipe Class one being the cheapest and three being the most expensive. Some recipes may require another recipe class item so check the tags on the items.

Secret Shop - Mysticals: There are 3 of these shops on the map, two on opposite sides of the middle lane and one in the Sorrow Knight area. These items are quite powerful with many abilities and bonuses, and they can be both bought or built by combining the recipe ingredients. You may only carry one of these items at a time. To find out a mystical item recipe, check out the items page.

Legendary Shops: There are 3 of these shops on the map, two on opposite sides of the middle lane and one appearing later in the Sorrow Knight area. You can purchase the most powerful legendary items in the game at these shops. These items consist of any 4 items from the Recipe Shops 1-3. These items cost around 20,000 gold and you can only purchase a legendary recipe after 20 minutes.

news Comments:
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WorDofDeaTh (07.Jul - 12:34, 2010): hell ye! i never seen a invisible hero before
Epik (23.Jun - 17:26, 2010): you want a picture of an invisible hero? -.-.....
WorDofDeaTh (02.Jun - 17:28, 2010): Omg the picture for rune of invisiblity gone invis too!!!
Epik (14.Dec - 06:12, 2009): isnt maintower magic immune? i think that it should be listed in the description
spacevet (24.Nov - 10:58, 2009): The gem of animate dead is not a small item. It´s what happens if a dead player with Kris of insomnia kills someone. It spawns a gem of animate dead on the ground at the killing players location, and orders him to use it, but if he is dead, he won´t be able too and the gem remains.
Epik (06.Nov - 04:58, 2009): what version was it taken out in? it was still there in v 1.16
NeoRush (19.Oct - 13:50, 2009): Ech I dunno what happened.. But not long ago, I played as blue in a public game, and when I repicked, instead of paying 1k gold, I recieved 1k gold.
KileRatZ (04.Oct - 14:47, 2009): That’d be because it doesn’t exist? Anyway, powerups updated
Epik (29.Sep - 07:01, 2009): oh yea and the animate dead small item isnt listed :P
KileRatZ (28.Sep - 23:12, 2009): Think I’m gonna update this with pics
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Jimi003 (14.Feb - 07:49): My discord and announcement discord are the same thing, so please join us and help us playtest more games :)
Asfreedman (03.Feb - 02:15): We've been having games every day for the last week now! Whoever sees this make sure to join the discord over to the left!
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Think we could join them somehow? How many people are on your server?
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Hey I've got a discord with 17 total people on, started it a while back but forgot to post here:
levimega111 (19.Jan - 11:23): Made a hosk discord cause got a few games with ppl that knew how to play please join
Epik (14.Jan - 08:00): Will there be a new hosk for wc3 reforged?
Asfreedman (12.Jan - 04:53): just redownloaded wc3... so i'm playing a little here and there. My nick is ArtZoyd now and im playing on US East.
XiPiX (06.Dec - 22:09, 2018): Wc3 is alive again bois! If anyone is up for some HOSK? My ingame nick has change to Lolapops :)
Cillidan (20.Oct - 14:24, 2018): more or less. but this page is dead tho
ndinh (19.Oct - 13:43, 2018): this game still alive ppl?
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