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Main Player info
Score: 69
Level: 2       Experience: 15%
NO this player can't host

Player Ladder info
Matches won: 5
Laddders won 0
Latest joined ladder: Ye Olde US 1v1
Latest won ladder: none

Player's Favourites:
Choose your favourite items in edit profile in here, you can choose one thing more times to make it more favourite...


Legends and mysticals:




modes: -sha -ap -bfr
Player Standard info
Joined: 06.Oct - 09:06 ,2007   ::   3943 days ago
#23 joined player
Warcraft nickname: Daemon_SaDiablo
Warcraft server: Lordaeron - West
Warcraft clans: N/A
Failed logins: 0

Player forum info
Sent messages: 238
Messages per day: 0
Unread comments: 0
Unread forum topics: 50   max is 50
Topics created: 5
Latest forum activity: 18.Feb - 20:48

Players description
Description: Daemon

Signature: pic

Signature ON

Last seen: 10.Nov - 21:06
3176 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes ago.

news Comments:
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Asfreedman (29.Apr - 02:18, 2009): Ok daem. Tell me what your new name is going to be :). So I can add it to the shammys and take down Daemon sadiablo :D
Daemon (04.Feb - 00:13, 2009): Right-o, so four o’clock my time. (living in Florida now)
Asfreedman (04.Feb - 00:12, 2009): Just rememebr :). Be there sunday!!!! :D (probably around 1:00 pacific time)
Asfreedman (04.Feb - 00:10, 2009): I cant play during the week remember :( . I also got a speech/debate toourny this weekend. So only sunday is open :(
Asfreedman (04.Feb - 00:08, 2009): So ok then :). Good to have you back man :D. Be there sunday!!!! CHANNEL: HoSK
Asfreedman (04.Feb - 00:05, 2009): Hey daem :D. You gonna be on West this sunday? were gonna try and make a new better hosk clan on west
Washu (03.Feb - 20:52, 2009): Totally agree with you there, a lore would be pwnage
Washu (03.Feb - 19:14, 2009): Ah, lol I just realised that you are till ladder mod, but not listed among mod list.
Washu (03.Feb - 19:12, 2009): It takes time to get used to as everyting else.
Washu (03.Feb - 17:51, 2009): Very well, if you wouldn’t count some bad sh*t that happened :) But, we can talk about that somewhere more private sometimes maybe. Also, finally got the damn things about HoSK going uphill XD
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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
Other project: Toy Soldier

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Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): Santa is still known as santa
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): happy new year
Eisenherz (15.Jan - 13:13): Happy new Year!!!Whoots UP??
KileRatZ (07.Jan - 20:57): Happy 2018!
frisch (03.Jan - 02:03): Happy new year to all of you idiots :D
ddranimestyl (16.Sep - 16:51, 2017): Please keep us in the loop!
frisch (26.Jun - 10:31, 2017): Noones waiting for a dota2 but for a HoSK 2 :) jimi didn't you say that you were working on a SC2 version of HoSK? Or was Kile working on it?
Sheki (04.Mar - 05:46, 2017): I like that tom's keeping this page up, its like a relic of the past
Jimi003 (27.Oct - 21:48, 2016): Alright, let's play some games this weekend!
ddranimestyl (23.Sep - 20:20, 2016): We're all still waiting for HoSK 2 or a dota2 remake or something...
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122588, 29%
They can be good
103214, 24%
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101007, 24%
100363, 23%
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Random Hosk tip: 3. The mystical items merchant is located in the Sorrow knight area.

HoSK time: 23.Jul - 17:33

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