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Older messages:

WorDofDeaTh (07.Jul 2010 - 12:34): hell ye! i never seen a invisible hero before

Epik (23.Jun 2010 - 17:26): you want a picture of an invisible hero? -.-.....

WorDofDeaTh (02.Jun 2010 - 17:28): Omg the picture for rune of invisiblity gone invis too!!!

Epik (14.Dec 2009 - 06:12): isnt maintower magic immune? i think that it should be listed in the description

spacevet (24.Nov 2009 - 10:58): The gem of animate dead is not a small item. It´s what happens if a dead player with Kris of insomnia kills someone. It spawns a gem of animate dead on the ground at the killing players location, and orders him to use it, but if he is dead, he won´t be able too and the gem remains.

Epik (06.Nov 2009 - 04:58): what version was it taken out in? it was still there in v 1.16

NeoRush (19.Oct 2009 - 13:50): Ech I dunno what happened.. But not long ago, I played as blue in a public game, and when I repicked, instead of paying 1k gold, I recieved 1k gold.

KileRatZ (04.Oct 2009 - 14:47): That’d be because it doesn’t exist? Anyway, powerups updated

Epik (29.Sep 2009 - 07:01): oh yea and the animate dead small item isnt listed :P

Next 50 messages:

KileRatZ (28.Sep 2009 - 23:12): Think I’m gonna update this with pics

Epik (28.Sep 2009 - 06:13): barracks: description needs an addtion : a buffer building between the mid- lane and the main base

NoOb (17.Sep 2009 - 16:29): I think you should put some creeps back on the map

eric[gss] (12.Jun 2009 - 23:29): Done

Lolaap (12.Jun 2009 - 16:17): Glaive Towers at start :P

eric[gss] (05.May 2009 - 17:47): Okey , i think im done here , please notify me of any mistakes or additions and ill be glad to add them

eric[gss] (30.Apr 2009 - 12:20): oh only noticed tom changed teh section to misc, will get that done tonight then

eric[gss] (15.Apr 2009 - 14:43): ill try get ogres done tommorow, would hlep if anone could get screenshots of anything

eric[gss] (14.Apr 2009 - 22:55): ah yes forgot that

Washu (14.Apr 2009 - 22:18): 4 Spirit lodges - 2 near the portals where you get home and 2 near the places you blink from home :p

eric[gss] (14.Apr 2009 - 20:42): ok Shops section done, notify me of any mistakes please :)

eric[gss] (14.Apr 2009 - 14:45): if tom changes the area to misc only, itl make it much easier, ill probably do shops tonight

eric[gss] (14.Apr 2009 - 14:44): thx washu :)

Washu (14.Apr 2009 - 14:38): Tom, it was half here half there earlier. Was no point! he had just done it double

Tomaxko (13.Apr 2009 - 23:13): omg yes, but he could left there the buildings :)

eric[gss] (13.Apr 2009 - 23:13): thx space, will make headway on that during the week

spacevet (13.Apr 2009 - 23:05): Looking good, some feedback, how much mana does the big creeps burn. And maybe add information about the amount of movespeed the flags provides, and maybe add the armour defend aura that the barracks/lumbermills/etc emitts.

spacevet (13.Apr 2009 - 23:03): Pictures of the runes, info about how much regen you get from regenrune/hellrune, time before dragon dies. Put the gold giving items in increasing order. Pictures for all runes/items.

eric[gss] (13.Apr 2009 - 21:47): No need tom, kileratz solved that for us :)

Tomaxko (13.Apr 2009 - 21:41): i think i will make new top map screen shot :)

eric[gss] (13.Apr 2009 - 20:51): im currently working on updating this, ill do it as best i can, notify me of any errors if u can :)

Dragon (23.Mar 2009 - 21:23): This really does need to be updated, cause the new path and the new neutral creeps attract people o.o

Asfreedman (03.Feb 2009 - 01:24): Ya this seriously has to get updated REALLY SOON.

SatanReaper (28.Jan 2009 - 16:30): I think this stuff will also have to be changed.

gwaps (15.Dec 2007 - 13:47): hi

Crueldestiny (29.Nov 2007 - 00:57): Thanks for reminding me Tarukid, gonna look for that when I get a chance... now for a long road of finishing this section haha

Tarukid (29.Nov 2007 - 00:56): ur missing regen rune arent u? or are ya not done yet

Crueldestiny (14.Oct 2007 - 19:17): Gah, sorry guys WC3 hasn’t been liking me, screenshots are still being worked on >.<

Tomaxko (12.Oct 2007 - 20:30): when will we see the pictures and creeps info ? :)

Tomaxko (10.Oct 2007 - 22:40): yes it does

Washu (10.Oct 2007 - 21:38): Doesn’t chaos tower also reduce the Buildings Life when destroyed, I might remember wrong but i think it did.

XaVieRoO (09.Oct 2007 - 17:04): wow i never relized how complicated the map was until i saw that pic :O

needhalp (09.Oct 2007 - 08:22): looking good, maybe if possible make little points on the map where u can hover ur mouse over to get a little textbox. eg: put ur mouse over a reinforcement ship and says ”reinforcement ship” then maybe sum descrip

Crueldestiny (09.Oct 2007 - 07:47): Okay, will do a little more in a bit... (depending when I wake up) And thanks Tomaxko for the map.. this one may be a little large, but looks fine.

Pyro (08.Oct 2007 - 20:43): keep going, it looks nice

XaVieRoO (08.Oct 2007 - 19:21): looks sweet :) good work

Washu (07.Oct 2007 - 20:44): This will be a lot better than I actualy thought it would be =D

Tomaxko (07.Oct 2007 - 09:29): i like this cool

TGHunter (07.Oct 2007 - 08:58): y dont u post a pic of the map its self