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Older messages:

aleksis (20.Sep 2009 - 00:33): Could you maybe update this map for 1.24 please ?

Arc (10.Jul 2009 - 16:25): i love this map,, but theres one problem.. can u please add AI ??

aleksis (06.Jul 2009 - 09:31): I host it all the time on northrend, just add Lastbil and I will host for you :)

Ninjapanda (07.Apr 2009 - 13:00): i havent played it yet, can some 1 give me a message when they host it? (northrend)

Dragon (31.Mar 2009 - 18:53): Lol i played this once, i loved it!

xzero (30.Mar 2009 - 02:33): Need new version nao tis the best shooting map ever!

xzero (20.Mar 2009 - 00:29): USEast

SnaKy (15.Mar 2009 - 22:27): lol what server you play on, can i play with you and clan ? :D

xzero (15.Mar 2009 - 05:26): Satellite item gives the map memory leaks and everyone dcs, please fix this.

Next 50 messages:

xzero (11.Mar 2009 - 00:22): give spec ops 100% camuflage instead of 50% hiding in grass prolly.

xzero (11.Mar 2009 - 00:18): Make a spec ops class that uses knife more and has a weak weapon and enhanced camuflage maybe throwing knife.

xzero (11.Mar 2009 - 00:17): Please continue updating this map as my clan and I host it a lot, a very good addition would be more classes and more arenas/modes.

Graymark (08.Mar 2009 - 00:08): It also posted in the community section if anyone else is running a Ghost bot

Graymark (07.Mar 2009 - 05:02): Got a cfg file for toy soldiers it on ladder bot and ill get to mental next time i see him

Graymark (05.Mar 2009 - 13:26): We need to get this on bot, my only problem has been filling up games

SnaKy (11.Feb 2009 - 17:10): well i play only on northrend or azeroth (sometimes)

Asfreedman (03.Feb 2009 - 01:20): I could host it for you. (but only on weekends when im on :/) (im west server btw usually)

Asfreedman (03.Feb 2009 - 01:19): O Ihv already dowloaded this a LONG time ago :) :D

SnaKy (03.Feb 2009 - 01:05): When i am online on bnet my friend usually hosts this so i can /whisper you or something

SatanReaper (02.Feb 2009 - 22:33): We might :P But I gotta play it first

SnaKy (02.Feb 2009 - 16:25): could we someday arrange a game of this?

Delmoroth (02.Feb 2009 - 03:43): Yeah paladin TD was pretty cool, but still needed a bit of polish. The new ver that that other guy did took out pathign and made them run in a line ;/

SatanReaper (01.Feb 2009 - 18:17): UFOPORNO!!! I’m never gonna forget that video :P

Sheki (01.Feb 2009 - 10:18): me iz gona tryz this

eric[gss] (31.Jan 2009 - 19:32): i used to play pally td :)

Tomaxko (31.Jan 2009 - 13:54): nah stilbomber:) about paly :) i have planed other realy similar td to paly td, so maybe that one :)

SatanReaper (31.Jan 2009 - 13:49): Pally td? Or stillbomber :)

Tomaxko (31.Jan 2009 - 13:39): myabei should put here my other maps too... such as the rpg with 7? human heroes... lol i dont even remember the name of the map :)

SatanReaper (31.Jan 2009 - 13:24): TOY SOLDIERS!!!