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stevie (04.Jun 2011 - 00:53): Do people receive some sort of special notice if there is a scheduled game made or coming up? Or do they half too actually check the tab too find out?...

HighHopes (03.Jun 2011 - 03:25): sad that the last post was in 2010...

Epik (23.Apr 2010 - 20:23): Here is the thread for 24hour to 12 hour conversion as well as time zone adjustments, incase people need it to join.

NakedWizard (08.Apr 2010 - 05:57): is there any HosK clan match's?

Cillidan (26.Dec 2009 - 16:42): Woot i tried to make a schedule but i left that describtion line empty and it said dont use any special symbols.... like WTF!?

frisch (23.Dec 2009 - 19:20): I cannot join -.- we go to family members at 19:00! SUUUCKS!!!

KingofBoB (12.Dec 2009 - 23:35): Hope I can Join...

Graymark (08.Dec 2009 - 22:19): well crfeating a schedule Sunday night for Monday doesnt really work xD

Epik (08.Dec 2009 - 08:39): lol i went on those days during summer vacation xD

Next 50 messages:

frisch (07.Dec 2009 - 19:16): seriously who is creating schedules on tuesday but not on monday :P i gotta go to the gym on tuesday and thursday... pfft

frisch (05.Dec 2009 - 17:15): i will join! f*ckaaa

Graymark (05.Dec 2009 - 10:36): if ull be there for sure ill create it, tho will have to wait a lil bit, cant get Dec 24 yet xD

frisch (04.Dec 2009 - 20:48): Requesting a schedule on 24th december 18:00 :)

Graymark (01.Dec 2009 - 23:54): maybe u should learn how to care about it enough to be understood.

Epik (01.Dec 2009 - 22:21): i am in college but i dont care about spelling/grammar unless its for an essay/report/project that determines if i pass or fail

Washu (01.Dec 2009 - 08:36): That was the funniest argument eva xd

Graymark (24.Nov 2009 - 23:31): the best possible translation of that cesspit of a comment idicates that u agree with me... are u really in college?

Epik (24.Nov 2009 - 17:54): um grey it does have a purpose: just becuase no1 else volinteers doesnt mean he would get the job. silly brown mark

Graymark (24.Nov 2009 - 11:45): uh ya... when did anyone else ask to be mod... ur argument has no purpose

Epik (23.Nov 2009 - 22:30): i think cilly and just cilly should be mod here, seeing as 1) he alrdy can use washu’s acc this will make less of a need to use it 2) the schedule mod if more powerful than guide mod will have acess to guide section powers, and since cilly has access to washu’s account i’ll be like nothing changed

Cillidan (17.Nov 2009 - 13:15): I can be mod here

frisch (16.Nov 2009 - 19:32): aww cant take back my join :( thought it was a schedule for today :)

Tomaxko (16.Nov 2009 - 15:30): also we need someone to moderate this section, any vulentears... or what ever is that word :)

Tomaxko (16.Nov 2009 - 15:30): dunno but i should some day definitely

Cillidan (16.Nov 2009 - 09:22): So tom when u gonna shedule the Sorrow Adventure??

Cillidan (14.Nov 2009 - 11:05): they will stay aslong some1 is gonna delete em or hide em

Graymark (14.Nov 2009 - 01:01): so what happens to old schedules?

Sheki (12.Nov 2009 - 22:12): eeew green ? not nice :P

Tomaxko (12.Nov 2009 - 22:03): color of any other section mod...

Sheki (12.Nov 2009 - 21:22): whats the color of schedu mod ?

Sheki (12.Nov 2009 - 10:04): nah i dont want to spam you kile would spam me then so yeah i need to spam emoshu only ^.^

Tomaxko (12.Nov 2009 - 09:25): or me or kile

Sheki (12.Nov 2009 - 08:40): sooo ur saying i need to spam emoshu

Tomaxko (11.Nov 2009 - 23:06): or ask someone to create one

Tomaxko (11.Nov 2009 - 23:06): yet only admins can, and moderators that are moderators in schedules section... which are now - none :) you have to ask someone to give you the rights... :)

Sheki (11.Nov 2009 - 22:56): i still dont know how to crate one xd

Tomaxko (11.Nov 2009 - 22:51): i was doing it 3 days, 1 two weeks ago, and yesterday and today, first games will be probably slow fulled, but it should go faster, i will soon add feature that random three games will be shown in every page above shoutbox

Washu (11.Nov 2009 - 21:14): I totally forgot you were making it until today xD.... fail for me once more!

Cillidan (11.Nov 2009 - 20:46): I helpd to find buggs in here... it was fun.. and tom, GOOD JOB.... again....

Sheki (11.Nov 2009 - 20:16): haha lets see how this will do

KileRatZ (11.Nov 2009 - 18:06): Nice, hope this catches on =)

spacevet (11.Nov 2009 - 18:03): Gj mr creator.

Tomaxko (11.Nov 2009 - 13:56): nice feature :P