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Older messages:

KileRatZ (22.Aug 2011 - 18:21): Yes, both of them

levimega (28.Jun 2011 - 15:34): Is Battle magic or Strenght of giant added to a critical hit?

GrendaI (28.Apr 2011 - 01:36): In my opinion Rear fire should have the same percentages of damage return as thorns aura has but that is just me

1DKT (24.Mar 2011 - 03:24): they stack diminishingly

ASEDIO (26.Nov 2010 - 22:05): Animal Instinct and Bloody skin stack? 24%+23% :: 47%??

khmerbubblez (07.Sep 2010 - 04:52): @epik bounce is lost if u have creep bash. so basically u just have creep bash itself.

Epik (11.Jun 2010 - 04:20): @ khmer and RBM: only the mana gain part

RBM (16.Apr 2010 - 22:42): does creep bash staack with bounce?

Epik (06.Apr 2010 - 23:48): is there anything that reduces damage AFTER hardened skin?

Next 50 messages:

khmerbubblez (09.Jan 2010 - 08:32): cleave and creep bash work as one? xD?

KileRatZ (02.Dec 2009 - 17:25): Nope. War3 will always consider only the last crit that procced.

RBM (02.Dec 2009 - 07:29): is it possible to get a double crit? where two crits proc and do 4x the damage?

Epik (02.Dec 2009 - 01:32): i would assume so, because vamp passive is an orb, ammy is an aura

RBM (02.Dec 2009 - 01:24): does vampirism stack with vamp ammy?

Epik (01.Dec 2009 - 22:16): vampirism is listed as an aura

RBM (01.Dec 2009 - 22:15): does cleave stack with crit?

Epik (01.Dec 2009 - 21:56): typo on durability ”defense hit points”

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 17:28): anti-stomp, anti strength-caster (since they dont have lots of base mana) but thats about it

Lisa (26.Oct 2009 - 18:32): what kind of build would use Mana loss aura?

Graymark (17.Oct 2009 - 21:11): ya a lot of them are like that ;p

WorDofDeaTh (07.Oct 2009 - 22:47): i lol at this pic... 324233 lumber? xD

Epik (29.Sep 2009 - 21:35): >:O

KileRatZ (29.Sep 2009 - 10:46): They were always like this, that’s actually why I added some explanations cause people had no idea how it worked :)

Epik (29.Sep 2009 - 07:21): why arnt BM and SoTG pure dmg anymore u.u

KileRatZ (28.Sep 2009 - 20:20): There you go, everything updated.

Epik (28.Sep 2009 - 17:59): can some1 update snakes and strikes- i wnna see what they do but i wont be a ble to play until december, every time i come here i get sad cuase there not theree >.>

Epik (28.Sep 2009 - 06:09): :/

KileRatZ (26.Sep 2009 - 01:35): That’s copied from the melee game description, so ask blizz XD

Epik (25.Sep 2009 - 23:21): ?? then why does it say so on the passive?

KileRatZ (25.Sep 2009 - 22:36): Umm no :)

Epik (25.Sep 2009 - 01:43): druids aura also blocks damage since it has a Damage Shield

Cillidan (24.Sep 2009 - 07:46): Druids Aura is support?? woor?? more like negativ.

Epik (19.Sep 2009 - 23:27): yez plz

NoOb (17.Sep 2009 - 16:30): missing update this page

DiSpLaYname (23.Aug 2009 - 15:46): If shrinking detterence is put back there, some guy would pick a dwarf and max it. I’ve tried it once. With alot of movespeed and a smaller sized hero. its almost impossible to target him

spacevet (01.Aug 2009 - 19:53): No, It does not work if you take it in pas mode anyways. Better take out -pas mode. Bonus damage from thoose 2 is magic, does not increase by crits or anything like that.

RBM (21.Jun 2009 - 11:01): is the bonus damage from battle magic or strength of the giant pure damage? or is it added to your attack damage?

Epik (29.May 2009 - 10:26): shinking detterence shoul be put bak here, since u can get it in -pas mode

Dragon (28.Mar 2009 - 14:43): The pic is outdated O.o

eric[gss] (12.Mar 2009 - 13:50): ”to know more, move with moves over the icons” should be move with mouse i assume

eric[gss] (12.Mar 2009 - 13:49): buff vampirism!

Graymark (05.Mar 2009 - 02:43): Last 2 passive shops updated

Punished (26.Feb 2009 - 14:48): lol this is old.. doesnt have any of the new 1’s

KileRatZ (13.Feb 2009 - 11:17): Whenever someone gets to work on these, it’d be nice if he makes a complete list of passives’ name changes (I need it)

Washu (10.Feb 2009 - 13:33): Just give it a few moments :)) It’ll be worked on

Epik (10.Feb 2009 - 09:27): the poison attack is missing and you have 2 magic answers

Washu (24.Dec 2008 - 21:54): Weapon Mastery SHOULD remove any chance of missing. And have 75% to deal 1.2*damage. But yes, it is bugged and does not work how it should.

Zaughlin (12.Dec 2008 - 18:50): Unless of course it ment that the weapon mastery hits on every attack, and not just the.75*1.2 attack...then you would need less dodge for WM to be better

Zaughlin (12.Dec 2008 - 18:44): Did a little math and should the anti dodge aspect of weapon mastery actually work (which is does not currently?) if you are attacking an opponent with dodge they will need dodge>13% for the weapon mastery to be better. Course, if its glitched and still misses then the 22% to do 1.85xdmg is better.

Washu (30.Nov 2008 - 12:07): I know, but if you have enough free time to help me make the things right

Jensai (26.Nov 2008 - 22:44): Rear fire says its 10-50 in intervals of 10 when it’s actually 8-40 in intervals of 8

Sheki (19.Nov 2008 - 21:43): (1.10) flame nova usable after 12 minutes of game , its not its more like 20+

Essundym (19.Jan 2008 - 12:35): some of the old passives is still listen but not there u might remove that i look all over fo my lovely elunes grace but you’ve removed it :-( and some others still it says they are there in the Text.

Tarukid (07.Dec 2007 - 21:55): it says in green move with your moves XD

SatanReaper (02.Dec 2007 - 09:54): It says Bloody skin on that evasion/truesight passive too.

SatanReaper (28.Nov 2007 - 16:59): its dual

Washu (14.Nov 2007 - 17:54): Upper link says DUAL HAZARD, but down on the passive shop it says DUEL HAZARD :))

wheeha (09.Nov 2007 - 06:40): u have no more Elunes Grace so u shuld remove it frm yur description above

mass (01.Nov 2007 - 15:34): btw i found a spelling fail in the description of weapon mastery.also heavenly madness has a grammar fail in the desc. cant attack freindly units right:)?

mass (01.Nov 2007 - 15:17): now that the hosk have been balanced :) when i say that i mean passives. maybe u shoud start to add new ones TOM. Plz MORE passives. this is a wish from a humble hosk players: i need more things to choose from.