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stevie (18.May 2011 - 07:15): Which is your favourite hero type? 1:str melee 2:str ranged :3 int melee :4 int ranged 5: agi melee 6: agi ranged. Or just 1:str 2:agi 3:int.

1DKT (13.Nov 2009 - 19:36): when do you buy ethereal mark? when i want to add fire to the things, when I want to be ethereal, when i want to be fast,

1DKT (13.Nov 2009 - 19:35): Why would you pick chakrum over ethereal mark? : Damage, heal, movespeed,

Tomaxko (12.Nov 2009 - 10:40): would be nice to see poll about schedules...

Sheki (28.May 2009 - 16:43): ~~

Graymark (28.May 2009 - 03:40): we should have a match sephi :P

Tomaxko (20.Apr 2009 - 20:09): nice!! new polss !

Sheki (18.Apr 2009 - 07:20): actually id fight gray har har washu to hard , fighting tom wouldnt be to fair so i chose you GrayMON

Washu (15.Apr 2009 - 20:50): Majority would fight Tom XD Since he rarely plays it’s just logical he isn’t can’t be too good :p unless he has cheats in ^^

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Ninjapanda (15.Apr 2009 - 20:39): how about: in a ladder who would you fight? tom, washu or gray :D

Washu (11.Apr 2009 - 07:18): Cause Chuck Norris wants it that way :()

WorDofDeaTh (10.Apr 2009 - 10:50): why there isnt washuwaa to click on at that poll??

Silion (08.Apr 2009 - 06:56): How about a poll that has ”Which do you hate more? Leavers? Flamers? or Just plain Ol’ Stupid People?”

Washu (05.Apr 2009 - 09:40): That was up for a few months actually

Ninjapanda (04.Apr 2009 - 15:04): what about a poll for what people prefer: int, agi or str?

Tomaxko (29.Mar 2009 - 20:11): that is what polls are about :)

Washu (28.Mar 2009 - 21:29): Yes, but that would make picking a caster imba :) And Tom, that poll was more of a personal interest, what site members prefer :)

Tomaxko (27.Mar 2009 - 19:53): nice poll with randoming and picking !

Graymark (25.Mar 2009 - 17:52): and i mostly random ^_^ so if there was a better caster legend or sumthing would be caster much more :)

Washu (24.Mar 2009 - 22:37): Casters do fine if you can pick them nicely :() Randoming is the trouble

Graymark (24.Mar 2009 - 17:10): make a caster legend or sumthing...there arent any legends with a spell that you are likely to cast more than once in a fight...twice if against tank or sumthing..

Dragon (23.Mar 2009 - 18:58): To buy the recipe for gail cost 20k w/out the ingreds, base is 5k, red jewels cost 4k, the gold lining 2, the spirit of lonelines 20k, so gl

Graymark (23.Mar 2009 - 17:21): i would use grail if was part of a legendary..

Washu (23.Mar 2009 - 16:22): I just don’t have ideas for polls, otherwise could make.

Dragon (21.Mar 2009 - 21:58): We should have a poll to see if people want more polls xD

Washu (20.Mar 2009 - 06:38): Gray, if we have only 3 then that’s a salvation XD

Tomaxko (19.Mar 2009 - 19:54): i wana see some new polllslslslsl

Graymark (16.Mar 2009 - 06:08): we have 3 crazy people on this site

Sheki (15.Mar 2009 - 14:38): omg i didnt saw no at nosferatus :D

Graymark (15.Mar 2009 - 01:52): mmm is there even a question about the nosferatus poll?

Washu (14.Mar 2009 - 18:59): I made the once a day you silly people :)

Graymark (14.Mar 2009 - 16:31): dont think thats washu :P

Sheki (13.Mar 2009 - 13:49): ”how often do you play HoSK : very often 11” plz washu dont change ip’s all the time :D:D

Tomaxko (13.Mar 2009 - 13:12): yet only admins, but maybe i will make it able to all that gets the rights for it...

Washu (12.Mar 2009 - 14:24): I think Tom and me can access it only right now?

eric[gss] (12.Mar 2009 - 13:53): i like the new polls but we need a cool third colour for the third bar

Craftman21 (12.Mar 2009 - 13:47): Who has control over poll creation? Also I REALLY like this! It will allow for us to submit questions to the entire community alot easier :-D

Shika (12.Mar 2009 - 02:25): The polls are pretty and shiny :)

Tomaxko (12.Mar 2009 - 00:20): leave a comment if you want :)