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BloodnBones (11.Oct 2012 - 06:37): Hey Its been years but I still think about HoSK everyonce in awhile, I'm sure im terrible now, but if you guys still talk or anything or play let me know

Hestix (06.Mar 2012 - 12:38): Any plans in the works to convert HOSK to SC2? :]

eFly (03.Feb 2012 - 14:09): Yeah, I just come online once per half a year ^^! I started playing WoW. If you'r interested let me know. I hope you'r doing well. Cheers

shindou (28.Jul 2011 - 08:25): JOIN GAME WASHU!

Pyro (20.Jul 2011 - 12:00): Holy! Instant dc without any warning and cant get in to bnet now sorry..

KileRatZ (28.Jun 2011 - 11:14): The way blizz has been acting lately I'm slowly hoping wc4 never sees the light of day, but I guess we'll see where the company's heading with Diablo3^^. And ye, war3 population is simply gone, harsh fact is we can't expect many players here anymore. And HoSK can't die damnit :).

KileRatZ (28.Jun 2011 - 11:09): I've looked into it, it used to be really bad but I've been following it and blizz has improved a lot of the bad sides already. The biggest flaw (which is: you can only see current top 50 mods, and can't even play other mods in any way!!) hasn't yet been fixed.. I guess I'm waiting till blizz gets serious about this, hopefully with the next addon..

Jimi003 (14.Jun 2011 - 15:13): Later today.

Jimi003 (13.Jun 2011 - 19:38): Yeah I'll be on in about an hour, we'll see then.

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Epik (25.May 2011 - 14:47): id have to find my discs >.>

HighHopes (03.May 2011 - 19:25): tis crunch time :((((( cannot play hosk till next wednesday 3 papers 1 speech and 4 exams in the next week

Sheki (06.Apr 2011 - 11:40): anti-spam

WorDofDeaTh (02.Apr 2011 - 10:36): spam

WorDofDeaTh (01.Apr 2011 - 09:31): hey washu xD.. (i think im being forced to play hosk again)

Lisa (01.Apr 2011 - 00:08): Ty Wishi Washi

Pyro (24.Feb 2011 - 21:25): When did people become so fu*ktard?

KileRatZ (12.Jan 2011 - 16:38): Hey, I think you need to add http:// in front of the link the next time to make it correct

Sheki (12.Jan 2011 - 10:52): noob you cant even make a proper link in the news haha

Sheki (18.Nov 2010 - 20:08): i read your news so im >implying that im not active !

Game (01.Oct 2010 - 22:32): the unban did not work :'(

SatanReaper (01.Oct 2010 - 21:23): You win wars by making friends not enemies!

YojiZabuza (26.Sep 2010 - 20:44): gosh he added me to his friendslist rauno

Game (26.Sep 2010 - 16:10): Yoji wat u mean by that? they are the one and same player or?

YojiZabuza (26.Sep 2010 - 12:37): uhhh by evillion, i ask myself who the hell could that be? x)

Game (24.Sep 2010 - 21:39): dude can you help me, check my thread, i was banned by EvilLion for no reason at all! :O i need to get unbanned

KileRatZ (21.Sep 2010 - 15:56): Also, if you happen to still have them, show a replay or two of Siphon in action

KileRatZ (21.Sep 2010 - 15:53): Regarding you saying that "most of my changes were unbalancing more than balancing". Please compile a list of these imbalances. Back up your words.

YojiZabuza (10.Sep 2010 - 23:06): ok comin now^^

rudeboy (09.Sep 2010 - 05:07): Washu im interested in the ladder. Does your message imply you are using msn to recruit people who want to play or just to set it up and then use the site.

YojiZabuza (01.Sep 2010 - 21:50): kinda too lazy to start it xD i'll come online now, and for the schedule i'll be online too

YojiZabuza (24.Aug 2010 - 13:32): maybe they now know that it's you and not a new pubby called EvilLion xD

YojiZabuza (23.Aug 2010 - 12:53): ;D got ganged? :p

YojiZabuza (18.Aug 2010 - 15:41): i dont think that it will be a problem for someone like you^^

YojiZabuza (17.Aug 2010 - 23:15): wtf, that EvilLion ? :D not bad, but i didnt think of something else of you^^

YojiZabuza (17.Aug 2010 - 17:54): ye he is ragequitting like every 2nd game -.- but he's good in finding bugs^^

Craftman21 (13.Jul 2010 - 18:19): I shall start getting on msn moer often ^.^, also what are your impressions of the new version

Pyro (02.Jul 2010 - 13:14): Ok teddy bear :))

YojiZabuza (14.Jun 2010 - 00:53): xD 2.5km with rene and 15km alone XD... ye, im currently doing about 8km...but after it im totally exhausted^^

YojiZabuza (13.Jun 2010 - 23:41): ey rauno, how much km you do when go running?

YojiZabuza (11.Jun 2010 - 14:31): haha ofc ;D

YojiZabuza (11.Jun 2010 - 12:53): xD i wish there were flamethrowers in army XD

YojiZabuza (09.Jun 2010 - 16:35): you should get these very old glasses of the americans then xD these would be the perfect soldier glasses ;D

YojiZabuza (08.Jun 2010 - 17:43): noooo ;D show them how you play hosk, they will get you whatever it'd cost^^

YojiZabuza (07.Jun 2010 - 12:23): ^^ btw 23 days of army left for me :D how is it going for you+army? ;)

YojiZabuza (06.Jun 2010 - 23:07): heydiho rauno :D sup?

Epik (03.Jun 2010 - 20:57): a lot of corrections need to be done due to the apostrophe/quote mark bug from the cross over. and i cant make those cause the section is broke :(

Epik (03.Jun 2010 - 20:56): can u bug tom about fixing the guide section D:

S33K (25.May 2010 - 11:35): Yeah I played with that guy he is a douche i agree completely but i doubt if acts like this that he could have keylogged your computers or hacked wc3 accounts

YojiZabuza (18.May 2010 - 14:17): x) x) x) x) x) x)

KileRatZ (29.Apr 2010 - 14:11): We should persuade tom to also remove the forum bug with apostroph, its getting hard to work on hosk like this.

KileRatZ (28.Apr 2010 - 07:47): Ye, it's annoying to me too...

SatanReaper (19.Apr 2010 - 00:34): Happy Bday washu :P

Sheki (13.Apr 2010 - 20:23): can i add him on sh*tlist ?

SatanReaper (24.Mar 2010 - 18:46): PS: I invited carrot before you had a game with him

SatanReaper (24.Mar 2010 - 18:45): I didn't have my spot removed since Tom put me there years broke my streak!

Bob1337 (03.Mar 2010 - 01:24): Hey Washu, not sure if you’ve seen me around or not but, I’ve played HoSK for like 2 years or w/e. First time registering on the website. Was wondering if it would be coof if I could post some stuff on the guide section. Lemme know.

Epik (09.Feb 2010 - 19:13): should there be a separate topic thread for ”skills and powers in reguards 1.18” or should i post a balance i see needed in the 1.17+ thread?

Sofuswii (09.Feb 2010 - 16:11): well good then :D

Sofuswii (09.Feb 2010 - 09:45): King of the hill is a freakin nice idea. But it should go from 1 to 10 where 1 is best. I like your idea of how non seated can challenge the 10th seated. But then a ladder for that right should be hold every month or so to get the new blood in. :D

Epik (08.Feb 2010 - 08:52): kinda like panda brawl i guess a bit. Its a FFA style timed killing contest, but scoring isnt based on who gets the most kills. Instead its based on ’’kills per minute’’