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TealNinja (11.Feb 2012 - 10:25): Well, I'd be willing to help as much as I'm able to; keeping in mind that I am, of course, incredibly lazy and I'm rather... unskilled at mapmaking (do have an inquisitive and adaptive mind though.)

TealNinja (08.Feb 2012 - 13:41): Hey Kile, how goes effort on the Galaxy Editor?

stevie (10.Dec 2011 - 21:05): Sweet, thanks! :D

stevie (08.Dec 2011 - 06:23): I'm hoping to have things started up by the first week of January. If you don't have the time to make it by then, that's cool, but if you could make it for future rounds, that would be awesome. :D

stevie (07.Dec 2011 - 20:53): Hey Kile. For the upcoming 1v1 league, would it be possible to make a mode so players can't see which hero the other player picked, and also disable the board until the glaive towers have been destroyed? Cause as of now the person who picks first is at a disadvantage. :/

Cillidan (14.Jul 2011 - 21:08): could u logg in on msn maybe so i can send those pic about camera bug, my msn is

rudeboy (14.Jul 2011 - 18:07): drac bug

NoOb (04.Jul 2011 - 20:39): we must find a means of disseminating the map! YouTube may be the best way for it

NoOb (04.Jul 2011 - 20:38): temos que arrumar um meio de divulgar o mapa! o youtube pode ser o melhor caminho para isso

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Washu (28.Jun 2011 - 11:15): I totally agree, too many years, too many brain cells... Too many hours that should have been slept and rest for life has been wasted on it... IT MUST PREVAIL!

Washu (28.Jun 2011 - 11:11): Ah, so you are looking into it. Good, so I'll make sure to look into getting the game also :)... Because we need some sort of refreshment if want to even keep bothering to see this map going on :) inevitable... wc4 would kick it... but WoW kind of demolished the storyline so doubt wc4 is gonna be..

Washu (28.Jun 2011 - 11:05): By the way, you given SC2 editor a look? I mean, I'm curious, if you're even considering on trying to make hosk into SC2 I'll plan on getting that game also :p

Jimi003 (18.Jun 2011 - 13:11): Aja, mama pride enkrat, zard tega sm klicu ... tko da ne vem zdej kaj s kosilom ... Later? Blesavo je, sm ti clo mislu rect ce ti prides sem na kosilo pa greva pol k teb etc.

Jimi003 (18.Jun 2011 - 13:10): =*

Jimi003 (13.Jun 2011 - 13:02): cetrtek sele ^^

Jimi003 (13.Jun 2011 - 13:02): Yay, izpit mam naslednji

Lisa (06.Jun 2011 - 02:25): I hope you like your new ranking on king of the hill you took tyfoons place

Lisa (25.Apr 2011 - 05:45): no worries im your new opponent now

Lisa (04.Apr 2011 - 20:39): your first match is against Felwarrior

1DKT (29.Mar 2011 - 05:47): maybe amplify the drain by 50% from base, with each spell cast in 1400 aoe (base drain + (# spells * 1/2 base drain)) for t sec (where t stands for # of spells )

1DKT (29.Mar 2011 - 03:35): Nothing wrong, I have just been trying to figure out a way to make it more attractive since lategame it is pretty much useless.

rudeboy (07.Mar 2011 - 16:35): would it be possible for you to let me see change log as of now? I just want to know whats been done so far and give some ideas maybe.

rudeboy (18.Feb 2011 - 05:21): Yes. I told him to make an account on this site but he hasn't replied yet

rudeboy (17.Feb 2011 - 00:17): The person to contact is exalius, Theres really not much to say. You pay him and he provides a service. I can vouch for it because i already enjoy playing on it as we speak. If you want i can ask him to make an account here and tell you the details.

Washu (17.Jan 2011 - 07:10): Thought so myself....... Although, talked to Jacob 2 days ago, he thought he could set up the bot the last weekend.. On another comp though, hoping it crashes less.

1DKT (06.Jan 2011 - 06:45): What is mental's account name, I could not find him in the player's section? (spoof)

1DKT (05.Jan 2011 - 05:28): Q2: Who else may have a good amount of replays, which I can sample. (100 - 1000)? (Does mental-murder still run his bot?)

1DKT (05.Jan 2011 - 05:24): Q1: Does bot database store the averages, or does it keep track of each game?

1DKT (04.Jan 2011 - 22:32): Oh and another thing, where can I get HOSK replays? I know stardragon has kept a database on claw.hosk. But I don't know how to reach him.

1DKT (04.Jan 2011 - 22:29): My plan is to perform some descriptive statistics (mean, mode, median) and possibly look for correlations and their weight. Things I am considering to take a look at: item use (are there patterns), good player vs bad player as per k/d ratio, team play (assist ratio), influence of hero on game success, average game length, average player game stay,

1DKT (04.Jan 2011 - 22:18): Wow, that's quite a lot of data. Follow up questions - 1. where is all that data stored? (each replay or hoskbot dataframe) 2. Is it stored in from of averages (I presume) or is it calculated ?

1DKT (04.Jan 2011 - 05:30): Hi Kile, I want to use hosk for my statistics project. What numbers can I pull out of the map after or during the game, relative to players? Do you know?

Jimi003 (17.Dec 2010 - 00:17): Zdle

Washu (21.Sep 2010 - 19:49): And do not have any replays, but when I do get it again will do. Anyhow, I think it would be easier if simply change the spall in general.

Washu (21.Sep 2010 - 19:49): Well, any time I tried to tell anything you did... kinda say it was not... so.. ye... really makesme want to do anything but abuse them now -.-

Jimi003 (01.Sep 2010 - 16:02): -.- V najboljsem primeru to pomeni, da bom imel naslednje leto veliko vec casa da pridem na obisk :P

Jimi003 (01.Sep 2010 - 16:02): V

Jimi003 (31.Aug 2010 - 00:19): Sm vidu zdej da je bil komad v Treme :P Cool stuff :D Dns fuknu kolokvije

Jimi003 (28.Aug 2010 - 22:22): You might find this interesting ;) <

Jimi003 (17.Aug 2010 - 15:13): 3

YojiZabuza (15.Aug 2010 - 00:30): mkay, that would be more logical^^

YojiZabuza (14.Aug 2010 - 22:16): ye that would be good, it's just too good, you cant destroy it and every hit at the end will do about 300dmg to you -.-'

YojiZabuza (14.Aug 2010 - 21:57): ok posted the Link in the Ban Request thread, would be great if you could decrease the imbaness of kobolds ultis dmg ;) it was way too high.....questions? just ask me :D

YojiZabuza (14.Aug 2010 - 21:31): kobold needs to get fixed, i'll save the replay after my game is finished and upload it, then i'll give you the link...hammer throw and great kobold of sky, way too imba imao and in the opinion of 1DKT and moyers123

CarrotNaga (30.Jul 2010 - 17:48): :D ill see what me can do

NoOb (28.Jul 2010 - 14:09): the HoSK site need a update

Epik (22.Jul 2010 - 03:04): well i wrote the beggining of a small novel :P so i could do a story, (tho one for every hero is a bit much for short notice) so it could be somthing done over a long period of time

Asfreedman (21.Jul 2010 - 09:35): THX FOR USING MY HERO IDEA FOR A HERO, :DDD

Epik (19.Jul 2010 - 21:12): I was verifying Dark walk's duration in game, it IS 15 seconds but the tool tips says 10 seconds, and all the other numbers say 0

Epik (19.Jul 2010 - 20:43): kile the base stats think on the exel file is a tad confusing, whats the bottom variable the "1, #"

Epik (19.Jul 2010 - 20:29): yea i changed clawe just now

Ragnoraku (18.Jul 2010 - 09:36): ya, i know what you mean, another str is not needed at the time, but i got him posted and his their so, when the time comes around that you consider adding a str, just message me in universe genesis.

Craftman21 (17.Jul 2010 - 15:10): Another crash but this time i was assulting enemy base when My ally built Acid Talisman and an Enemy Paladin Blinked(It might be his Ultimate skill) in and then it just crashed.

SatanReaper (04.Jul 2010 - 00:45): Mah kurc ne da se mi se enkrat pisat, ne smem sumnikov uporablat-.-

SatanReaper (04.Jul 2010 - 00:44): V

Epik (24.Jun 2010 - 18:49): What were the % increase spell damage variables for battle magic and giants force? Also were you planning to change them for version 1.18, if so to what? (need this for a guide that will be released post-1.18)

Epik (24.Jun 2010 - 14:04): try attemping to editi a guide, or post one for that matter

Jimi003 (09.Jun 2010 - 11:32): Yes, you should studies.

blublibla (08.Jun 2010 - 22:54): for some reason it gave me MySQL errors but i reposted 3 times and it worked somehow XD

Jimi003 (07.Jun 2010 - 23:01): AHOY THAR!