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SatanReaper (16.Oct 2010 - 18:05): Thx :)

XaVieRoO (12.Jun 2010 - 02:55): ilu

eFly (10.May 2010 - 20:09): Happy Birthday

SatanReaper (10.May 2010 - 01:17): I'm awesome like that :D......I have you on facebook^^

SatanReaper (09.May 2010 - 19:17): Happy Bday :)

Lisa (04.Feb 2010 - 17:54): some of it

Lisa (03.Feb 2010 - 01:44): well they are suppose to make a second season of it that is what i was told atleast

Lisa (01.Feb 2010 - 17:09): omg its my favorite

Lisa (01.Feb 2010 - 04:13): im more of a fan of Claymore...

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Lisa (31.Jan 2010 - 10:00): a fan of Kenpachi are we

WorDofDeaTh (30.Jan 2010 - 18:15): i challenge u to a game of 1v1 ram!

Lisa (24.Jan 2010 - 04:08): hi gray ltns come play hosk

WorDofDeaTh (16.Jan 2010 - 10:27): i can Lol at u too!

Jimi003 (16.Dec 2009 - 03:21): It was in the heroes forum, Powers Need Rebalancing topic, my first post on 4th page where I say ”Epik, they’re summons.” and I posted his pic to emphasize the fact that he failed. In the next post he thought I took the sig and made it my own. So later, as I wrote in my post on that page [Edited because of fail.], I did. And now I have it rofl.

Washu (29.Nov 2009 - 18:42): You iz acttive so I gave you access to the scheduler part :P go make some games or soma

Leik (28.Nov 2009 - 14:35): i am so stalking you :>

Washu (18.Oct 2009 - 07:53): Alright, but Tom needs to add them manually, maybe soon will try to see that it could be done by mod’s with righ access, so a few scraps on notebad would be nice :p I’ll do some myself, and well, basically all who want may do some xD

SatanReaper (17.Oct 2009 - 02:45): Thx

KileRatZ (13.Oct 2009 - 22:46): Wednesday it is

Pyro (10.Oct 2009 - 19:28): Ladder Announcement: Arrange your matches plz :S :: ladder here

Pyro (05.Oct 2009 - 22:09): Ladder Announcement: Ok since Stardragon was kind enough to make an admin for claw.hosk we should hasten this ladder up a bit. I’ll try to help you for hosting as much as i can but plz it is up to you guys. :: ladder here

awwwyeaaa (02.Oct 2009 - 02:33): Sorry if this isn’t the right way to tell you, but i was playing hosk game and the i went to someone else’s lane to save him, which i did a few times, and he kept getting mad at me, telling me to ”get the fu*k out” and threatening to get me banned. then in the last 15 minutes of the game, he wouldn’t even play. the player was Thatonedoood.

Sheki (30.Sep 2009 - 22:36): afker

Pyro (30.Sep 2009 - 20:45): Ladder Announcement: Ok start arranging your matches, gray is willing to help for hosting games also kile can do that guess if needed. Send me replays over msn when im online plz. Good luck and enjoy. :: ladder here

Pyro (29.Sep 2009 - 19:06): Ladder Announcement: Ok shall we start this ladder this weekend then? Im waiting your feedback asap :)) :: ladder here

spacevet (27.Sep 2009 - 22:09): you can mail the layered version to if you want, convinced her to do a shot at colouring.

Shika (23.Sep 2009 - 16:16): Ummm lol@lol@wordofdeath???

WorDofDeaTh (22.Sep 2009 - 22:45): Lol... i was in waha for few min today xD was checking would i be able to join it :D

WorDofDeaTh (22.Sep 2009 - 19:23): lol now u getting more ppl to Lol at me... Lol..

Sheki (22.Sep 2009 - 07:04): oke :P

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:59): going off now :D bye and stop LOL!!

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:57): go lol at someone else!!

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:55): they deleted our spam

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:53): lolor stop loling at me go lol at seph or watever

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:50): now is lal? stop lal-ing on my profile xD u lalor xD wtf xD

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 22:49): Lol stop loling me lol and this loling is just going weird lol

WorDofDeaTh (21.Sep 2009 - 17:48): oh ok and now time for me to lol at u for no reason xD Lol

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 18:16): damn u!! for lol-ing at me !! where u going anyway xD

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:52): fine xD

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:49): 2 hours is long enough for a game!! so host one and play then leave!!

Graymark (20.Sep 2009 - 16:48): NO! i cant im leaving at 12:30 so i only have 2 hours to lol at u!!

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:46): u can Lol at me later!! but 1v1 first!!

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:44): come on :D play a game of hosk 1v1 first

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:43): why not!! just a game xD

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:43): want a game of hosk:D??? 1v1 :D

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 16:23): no !!! go lol-ing someone else instead !! not meh!!

WorDofDeaTh (20.Sep 2009 - 11:00): stop lol-ing me on my profile >.< Lol

Sheki (20.Sep 2009 - 02:14): afker :)

Sheki (19.Sep 2009 - 23:51): noes , i haz never liked east :<

Sheki (19.Sep 2009 - 23:50): then come to eu , cuz im bored beaing there all alone with all those creepy afkers :<

Sheki (19.Sep 2009 - 23:47): so i am an amusment :< ?

WorDofDeaTh (19.Sep 2009 - 21:55): come on :D just say yes xD

WorDofDeaTh (18.Sep 2009 - 18:04): i challenge u to a game of hosk!! xD

meisteraias3 (09.Sep 2009 - 13:37): do you want play a game? later?

Washu (08.Sep 2009 - 06:26): Hmm, might as well :)

Graymark (08.Sep 2009 - 00:51): NO dark diamonds allowed

Uthark (08.Sep 2009 - 00:35): Huh, did you lie about orb damage on images being lower or were you just ignorant? The replay can’t shower any clearer proof - Orb of the Dragon does 70 dmg even if it comes from an image...

Leik (07.Sep 2009 - 08:33): >:((

Asfreedman (23.Aug 2009 - 20:35): srry gray, was gone all day yesterday :(.... any of tests today?

KileRatZ (18.Jul 2009 - 19:16): Tell me if it still doesn’t work, not really sure if I got it right this time XD