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KileRatZ (01.Sep 2014 - 23:24): Hey dude, so I've been laying down core concepts for "new HoSK" with a few others, I'd like to ask for your opinions about it - log on Steam sometime and hit me up, I go by the alias ZoiDiaC.

Washu (12.Apr 2011 - 08:45): Got them to hange the topic so easily... it made me slightly angry how they spoke of one little "backdoor" issue for many days lol..... hope they once realize how easily their topic got changed x)

1DKT (07.Jan 2011 - 04:27): Do you have hosk replays from owning the bot? I need many in range from 100 to 1000 for the statistics.

Washu (06.Dec 2010 - 18:37): Hey, log on to msn sometimes :p Want to talk to you x)

KileRatZ (06.Dec 2010 - 06:39): Finally found how to call upon you - just listened to some Ratatat after months and you turn up

Washu (21.Sep 2010 - 14:51): New msn -

Washu (19.Sep 2010 - 20:23): Diablo 2 ladder reset, join us on Eu server :). For HoSK - I'll just abuse everything that is not bugged now, maybe people crying about imbaness will seen make them think with their heads not asses -.- If not, then fu*k it, HoSK is ruined now.

Washu (19.Sep 2010 - 20:22): It is true, no further point of trying to hope HoSK gets even close to balanced. Kile refuses to understand that most of his changes were unbalancing more than balancing -.- And Reaper is backing that silly thing up.. Although can't see either of them ever on and having practical experience. So, better come play with me and Marc on 28th.

Washu (23.Aug 2010 - 12:42): U r wants to get onto msn...

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deathswift (21.Jul 2010 - 01:50): Mmmm something really similar that's all

deathswift (20.Jul 2010 - 18:23): so i was playing with ya huh

WorDofDeaTh (20.Jul 2010 - 17:06): if i remember right... there was jinuku, s33k, sikoz and others ppl in clan hosk at west...*they were talking about it* then asked whos veritas21 or something

WorDofDeaTh (20.Jul 2010 - 10:00): also u from DE? (they said it was from DE)

WorDofDeaTh (20.Jul 2010 - 09:46): hey :P according to ppl from clan hosk (west)... u rageban ppl becuz you lost a match

KileRatZ (17.Jul 2010 - 20:45): Where/when can I get a hold of you?

KileRatZ (17.Jul 2010 - 15:12): What were the heroes in that game? Or easier, did anyone just die max 15 seconds from the crash?

KileRatZ (16.Jul 2010 - 23:47): Tomorrow, I can host you a version where you can quickly see all the eternal icons as well

KileRatZ (16.Jul 2010 - 23:44): I think I won't, so it should be tomorrow I guess. You can do it abit yourself by seeing the icons of all the new heroes' powers. New icons are also on Gnoll archer's brutal hero, knight's holy radiance, paladin's heal all, dark one's stygian swarm, storm lich's primary. Do any of those crash you?

Craftman21 (16.Jul 2010 - 23:38): When will you be available today?

KileRatZ (16.Jul 2010 - 22:08): If you've got time, we can try to find all those mac-related crashes

Washu (16.Jul 2010 - 13:10): x) Seriously, let us speak a bit more sometimes :)

Washu (14.Jul 2010 - 17:40): I had 10 imba builds before even trying it.... so kinda x) lol? As long as nothing goes totally imba it's fine I guess..

Sheki (14.Jul 2010 - 14:54): 1.ZOMG NONE!!!1* 2.Global rules 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, and 11 are enforced !

Washu (07.Jul 2010 - 09:08): Drag your butt onto msn sometimes :)

Sheki (12.Jun 2010 - 13:11): what y mean by that ?

Sheki (02.Jun 2010 - 16:57): i actually remembered you asking me about /b/ after making me dc with pinging , isnt that ? xD

Washu (11.May 2010 - 06:23): You ever online on msn? :)

KileRatZ (29.Apr 2010 - 11:41): I hear blizz is giving 2 invitekeys to each Sc2 beta participant. Trade for a cookie?

KileRatZ (27.Mar 2010 - 18:30): I think I'll have to cancel game balancing, I just have too many things going on. So it's just the hosk stats..

Tomaxko (18.Mar 2010 - 09:09): what is gow3?

Washu (18.Jan 2010 - 11:59): Can’t you just get on msn already :)

Washu (18.Jan 2010 - 10:38): What times did I use to get? Weekend is easiest to arrange for me. Or around 4AM HoSK time week-days

KileRatZ (16.Jan 2010 - 00:34): Oh man, just found out Psionic actually included the warns/tbans and all that jibber-jabber in ordinary GhostOne :) just awesome

Washu (15.Jan 2010 - 12:33): Yeh, you should come for a game with me and Kile sometimes or just chit-chat :)

KileRatZ (15.Jan 2010 - 08:36): Crafty I miss your goddam btardedness >:(

Washu (14.Jan 2010 - 16:41): Get on to msn sometimes lol ::)

Pyro (10.Oct 2009 - 19:28): Ladder Announcement: Arrange your matches plz :S :: ladder here

Pyro (05.Oct 2009 - 22:09): Ladder Announcement: Ok since Stardragon was kind enough to make an admin for claw.hosk we should hasten this ladder up a bit. I’ll try to help you for hosting as much as i can but plz it is up to you guys. :: ladder here

Pyro (30.Sep 2009 - 20:45): Ladder Announcement: Ok start arranging your matches, gray is willing to help for hosting games also kile can do that guess if needed. Send me replays over msn when im online plz. Good luck and enjoy. :: ladder here

Pyro (29.Sep 2009 - 19:06): Ladder Announcement: Ok shall we start this ladder this weekend then? Im waiting your feedback asap :)) :: ladder here

Graymark (26.Sep 2009 - 22:34): get on msn/steam ;p

KileRatZ (15.Sep 2009 - 18:22): Hey when you get back on contact me plix, just a few things

spacevet (22.Aug 2009 - 19:50):

spacevet (22.Aug 2009 - 19:49): I can´t see you! ^^

spacevet (16.Aug 2009 - 13:35): nice artwork ^^ manateeeees

Washu (02.Aug 2009 - 12:24): Got time for a game now?

Washu (16.Jul 2009 - 08:41): I’ll still be around every once in a while, it’s just that Eric crossed my line way too frequently and did so again :/ Just no bloody need for me to try to do anything....

Washu (27.Jun 2009 - 21:39): That’s my daytime XD When I’m at work! :) You know, if you happen to get a chance, get on msn so we can chit-chat a little :)

Craftman21 (18.Jun 2009 - 09:09): Moving out from my old place into a new one. Really unsure of when i’ll have all my new place setup though. And the bots wont be back until then. But i shall still be online at night time when i’m at work.

Washu (18.Jun 2009 - 07:10): Wh00t :) What ya up to now!!!!

eric[gss] (11.Jun 2009 - 13:06): mental, i was wondering, ive got bot access (20) but i seem to be the only person with 20 who cant host a public game?

Washu (10.Jun 2009 - 15:39): Shh, don’t tell anyone but I like to edit seph’s posts :)

KileRatZ (05.Jun 2009 - 13:55): I found sth that could cause performance drops, though still not so severe ~~

optimist (04.Jun 2009 - 18:15): The fu*king bot is slower than u (mom informed me). so u better fix it or il come and screw your face up big time!

KileRatZ (01.Jun 2009 - 23:04): Hey, just wanna say I think you’d better start using the latest ver I uploaded to codelain ASAP, yours still has an inconvenient ”bug” of sorts.

Washu (31.May 2009 - 22:53): Hey, I’m bored XD What you doing?

Washu (14.May 2009 - 19:38): Dude, I was hoping we could play D2 together soon? Can you leave me some orienting times when you are online :D? (PS! Also leave your current time next to the one so I could calculate my time XD)

optimist (07.May 2009 - 19:16): Hey. how the fu*k are u bitch? if u fu*king sleep any longer, to prevent the bot hosting. im gonna fu*king rape your fu*king mom while you watch you piece of sh*t slut asshole bitch hoe

Washu (05.May 2009 - 13:48): Hey, how come you never on msn XD?

KileRatZ (01.May 2009 - 23:31): I believe I’ve finished with warns / tempbans. The only thing missing right now is !checkwarn.