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stevie (17.May 2011 - 06:19): I love you man. (No homo.)

Graymark (22.Aug 2009 - 19:20): testing soon if u see ihs

1DKT (07.Aug 2009 - 10:43): right now I am temporary banned from us servers, so I won’t be able to reach him in any way.

1DKT (07.Aug 2009 - 10:42): np, just get him or one of the shamans to contact me and decide a time when we can do it. I’m mostly on US East - his reply. I suggest you try to arrange it with him personallye

Washu (31.Jul 2009 - 11:42): That guy ImInAdequate is rather nice and fun to play :p Hada game with him today XD He’s pretty skilled also :p

Washu (26.Jul 2009 - 02:38): Mostly yes, but thx to Tom I stick around, as rarely as possible though

Washu (29.May 2009 - 18:24): It does not matter :p It will come when it has to come

Washu (17.May 2009 - 14:55): So the Dread-Bot I saw was his?

Daemon (29.Apr 2009 - 02:46): Carnifex

Next 50 messages:

Washu (26.Mar 2009 - 07:47): I just wish I’d get a damn penny for every little brat that wants a 1v1 -.-’’

Astraithious (26.Mar 2009 - 01:13): yea thats right! <3

Astraithious (26.Mar 2009 - 01:10): get on the pc then hoe =3

Astraithious (26.Mar 2009 - 01:06): go on steam

Astraithious (26.Mar 2009 - 01:05): 4 even

Astraithious (26.Mar 2009 - 01:04): hoe, f4 of us are on vent

Graymark (19.Mar 2009 - 12:25): well ive never done anything power hungry around him that i can think of and everytime he says anything to me its meant to get up my ass..hes just as bad as me wash or mental when we are pissed off..except quieter about it, all the time..and wont even admit it

Washu (19.Mar 2009 - 10:12): If he has a fine build ready I might give it a shot :() But it will be a INT vs INT, AGI vs AGI or STR vs STR :) If he is ready then be my guest

Graymark (17.Mar 2009 - 23:15): wow is straith always like this? everytime i start to think he isnt so bad after all he just starts attacking me for no apparent reason...just completely ruins my opinion of him

Washu (13.Mar 2009 - 07:19): Changed you a bit :)

eric[gss] (26.Feb 2009 - 23:53): stop spamming!

Astraithious (26.Feb 2009 - 19:06): You epic fail!

Daemon (04.Feb 2009 - 00:10): drat and double drat.

Daemon (04.Feb 2009 - 00:08): You goin’ to play today or just on to troll the forums?

Daemon (04.Feb 2009 - 00:07): Yes, I’ll be on this sunday. Gotta be around for that.

Daemon (04.Feb 2009 - 00:07): ’ey ’ey Daemon_SaDiablo east/west forget the other tags. I’m back to stay.

Tomaxko (04.Feb 2009 - 00:07): simply open the nearly last link, and click right on it and click dl to the file or something like that

Tomaxko (04.Feb 2009 - 00:06): cause you have somewhere set that you want explorer to open map instead of dlling them...

Washu (01.Feb 2009 - 08:17): New one isn’t there because Mental is in North Carolina and I am too stupid to make it there

Washu (01.Feb 2009 - 08:16): Load v1.10 for HoSK

Washu (23.Jan 2009 - 05:48): Can try to be online. But nothing’s sure

Daemon (15.Jan 2009 - 21:14): Boo. Shout at me on east as The_Blaise, or West as Commissar_Gaunt. If not on West check east.

Graymark (26.Dec 2008 - 03:32): sec ill get on wc..

Graymark (26.Dec 2008 - 03:31): ?

Graymark (17.Dec 2008 - 00:43): most the spam happened after u got admin lol

Washu (26.Nov 2008 - 17:00): Guess so, that I’ll look into it and talk through wity Pyro and Mental

Washu (17.Nov 2008 - 00:06): I told I’m not making the decisions alone so!

Washu (04.Nov 2008 - 15:01): Yeah lol :) Had it for unexpected actually XD

Washu (12.Oct 2008 - 22:59): Noty next week that case.. too ded and drunk anyways to play :)

Washu (12.Oct 2008 - 22:56): You up for a quick game?

deathswift (24.Sep 2008 - 13:28): fyi i’ll be using The_Bravery more often now. So it’ll be very rare you see deathswift online on West

deathswift (24.Sep 2008 - 13:27): I’ll be moving back to US West server. Since East is full of hostile players.

Shageki (21.Sep 2008 - 20:00): Asfreedman, i know where you live O.O, has thor ben on laterly? also my mom grounded me from the internet for slightly punching a hole in my door cause shes mean <3

Washu (22.Aug 2008 - 02:40): Also, trying to get USeast HoSK clans back into 1 clan :) though dunno whom should be the chief that it would stay stable.. and that it would have good shammies XD

Washu (16.Aug 2008 - 20:44): I can help forming the clan... just let me know I will try to get a few people jsut to start off aswell :)

Washu (14.Jul 2008 - 04:11): No idea tbh... I haven’t been online pretty long and all I know is that pretty many got booted, or thats what I heard on msn :()

deathswift (21.Jun 2008 - 19:35): Yes i very much am

Washu (17.Jun 2008 - 20:49): I won’t be around much myself during the summer... Stuff in personal life :) Will try to make one game per day... if I can manage to do that I’m happy :)

Asfreedman (17.Jun 2008 - 20:26): I joined Clan HoSK. Dixie and Puff helped me get in :).

Washu (14.Jun 2008 - 20:02): Were you back for like one day?

Washu (14.Jun 2008 - 08:29): And you can always join Clan HoSK also if you want on USeast :()

Washu (13.Jun 2008 - 13:00): Another thing that might help is that has ICQ/MSN/ALL SIMILAR STUFF :)

Washu (13.Jun 2008 - 09:49): Or you can try create one at @yahoo , those also work or @live :()

Washu (13.Jun 2008 - 07:02): You can always go to Clan HoSk man :()

Washu (12.Jun 2008 - 21:16): The Yahoo program should help also, but the thing is you must make sure you take the one that is supported by your Operating System :)

Sheki (12.Jun 2008 - 20:53): its version for mac that works if it dosent work for you , you made a mistke somewhere just call me if u have problems but carefull on timezones im not allways here

Asfreedman (09.Jun 2008 - 00:37): he hopefully still got me on his friendslist so hell tell me who he is when i gewt back on hopefully :) .. remember me and vampire storm were the only ones who knew who Daem was when he was using the alias - Trapspringer :P

Asfreedman (09.Jun 2008 - 00:36): Ah ok man :) thx

Washu (08.Jun 2008 - 08:15): He should be around with some other account, don’t know wich server nor what he plays nor how frequently :p

Asfreedman (08.May 2008 - 02:01): Ok I will. When I get back :)

Washu (07.May 2008 - 07:27): Then make on O’plzzzz :)