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Kirk (19.Jan 2014 - 04:14): How do you play this game??? or is it even a game?



Epik (18.Dec 2009 - 08:46): yep, i think it should be fixed, (even if its not affecting guide section) becase i know i wouldnt like somone treading on my domain xD

Washu (10.Dec 2009 - 18:57): It’s because the restrictions and levels of access are a little screwed :p

Cillidan (23.Nov 2009 - 17:56): but why ppl shouldnt be able unless they are ladder mods. And section mod isnt ladder mod aswell if im right

Graymark (23.Nov 2009 - 02:08): ya a lot of people can x_x

Cillidan (20.Nov 2009 - 11:07): Hehe found a weird thing. I can set winners/losers in ladder matches but im not mod here and i cant make new ladders either

Graymark (08.Nov 2009 - 13:31): as all section mods*

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Graymark (08.Nov 2009 - 13:30): also u could think of admins of all section mods, so trumped again xD

Epik (07.Nov 2009 - 18:23): >.>

KileRatZ (07.Nov 2009 - 12:19): Right, but it’s still Tom’s forum.. :p

Epik (06.Nov 2009 - 17:39): you don’t have the final say? that doesnt make sense, since this is ur section

Graymark (06.Nov 2009 - 05:04): actually we dont xD, and just dont see much point... if someone has an idea then they have to wait for 4 ladders .. (a year at this rate?) and most of the people that are likely to win a ladder are already mods so eh..

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 23:47): and further more if they got the statsus by the 1st way, 1 post would demote them. P.S. this was only an idea, after all you and mental have the final say regarding ladders

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 23:45): yea i thought of that (the spam comment) when i gave the idea, that way the person could only post in that 1 topic and 2, it would take 20 ladders all going into the 2nd round, 7 ladders of getting into the finals or 4 wins, i doubt that 1 singele person, who isnt alrdy a mod and would spam, could achieve the latter two options

Graymark (05.Nov 2009 - 22:13): to add something like this

Graymark (05.Nov 2009 - 22:12): the mod section is the mod section for good reason... and is not only used for map suggestions, if someone wants to make suggestion they can just post it in the available topic where it is commented on, it IS checked | imo something like this would just create more spam etc in mod section while not really adding much | also ud need tom to add somet

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 19:31): For every post they would use up 1 stake and when they get below 20 stakes they lose the stakeholder status and lose mod section privlages.

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 19:30): Then if a person has 20 or more stakes they would be promoted to ”stakholder” rank making them able to view the mod section. They also would be able to post only in the topic about the next version (that would be made at that time) to give thier say on it.

Epik (05.Nov 2009 - 19:22): gray i got an idea to stimulate ladder activits, a reward system (better then scores) heres how it works: for every ladder people who make it to the second round will get 1 Stake, those who get to the finals get 2 stakes, and ladder winners get 5 stakes

Graymark (24.Oct 2009 - 06:42): ment got his comp have him replace sporcoc ;p

mass (10.Oct 2009 - 12:44): if mental cant play his ladder then ost will like to take his place he told me.. just contact him then he will join and ALSO PLAY HIS MATCHES !!

TapouT (29.Sep 2009 - 20:18): I am down to get this tourney going this weekend, but my match will have to be sunday after noonish pacific time cause of my buddys fight and the bears game

mass (29.Sep 2009 - 17:53): cilidan when can u play?? friday evening?

mass (25.Sep 2009 - 14:25): and only 1 hero can be the one.. yes you think right!! ecxactly mine ^^ x)

mass (25.Sep 2009 - 14:23): btw washu.. im always soper.. :D you dam doggieii

Cillidan (23.Sep 2009 - 19:21): W e could do it now... but we have to w8 for new ver first

mass (21.Sep 2009 - 14:07): cillidan tell when you are rdy to play or have washu to write me on msn about the time.. i canalmost every evening unless tursday since that is tabletennis day^^

Graymark (26.Feb 2009 - 17:54): wash can u mark doomsday as finished? it bothers me :P

Washu (19.Dec 2008 - 10:11): Hey, because he set up a question here so I responded here :) Also, this is sort of the only way we can communicate without killing each other

Graymark (19.Dec 2008 - 01:05): he prolly got bored and needed to post something lol

SatanReaper (19.Dec 2008 - 00:39): Why the fu*k are you talking with your bro in a shoutbox....

Washu (17.Dec 2008 - 09:49): I can’t open ladders myself, because I’m rather sure I won’t have time to be there during the appointed times :) You know.... The reason is our common friend XD And our silly thoughts of randomly rushing somewhere :))

Cillidan (10.Dec 2008 - 23:09): When can we see a open ladder? Since i started playing again there have been only one open ladder, and that was also closed amd deleted...

Washu (30.Nov 2008 - 22:18): Sorry people, ladders kind of delaying due to moderators unable to do anything currently. Can’t predict own time enough these days :( But who wants can form their matches, you aren’t forbidden to do so. Simply not forcing because can’t make sure that both sides are online during the moment lol

Washu (03.Nov 2008 - 15:17): Those gone

Graymark (03.Nov 2008 - 02:43): wash going to do those ladders u closed slowly 1 per server or they gone?

eFly (02.Nov 2008 - 23:11): give them all gold gold gold ....

Washu (31.Oct 2008 - 08:26): I know I sayd 3, but forgot I can’t count :) Anyways, if the current ladders will do good, then these will be opened for you to join up. I strongly suggest not to register to every last one of them!

Washu (19.Sep 2008 - 12:15): Also Pyro :) You can always make one yourself :) It’s pretty impossible to get the people do the matches one way or another... When told flexible schedule people don’t give adeep fu*k about it..

Washu (19.Sep 2008 - 12:13): Yeah, thanks pyro :) I’ll take that as a compliment ;)

Pyro (26.Aug 2008 - 16:13): we want a ladder without washuwaas noob moderation!!

jdub402 (02.Aug 2008 - 04:33): hey how do you make a ladder? or can someone put up another 2v2 ladder?

SatanReaper (13.Jun 2008 - 14:42): I noticed Tom’s reply after 6 months....all hail Tom XD

Draconidas7 (07.Feb 2008 - 14:48): Why full random ladder is out of list?it was there Yesterday..And i want to play my final -.-

Washu (27.Nov 2007 - 14:55): It was like..... 10 seconds after fifth round :()

SundayTaco (26.Nov 2007 - 21:44): i gotta get in on the ladder, plz tell

Lolaap (25.Nov 2007 - 00:33): sorry, got a disc in the game with washu, but it was after the fifth round (or fourth) round and it was over anyway, couldn’t get a replay cus of that, but washu won

eric[gss] (24.Nov 2007 - 15:25): if u know of a ladder happening u know ill play

war (24.Nov 2007 - 07:41): please someone make a new ladder 2v2 16 people something like that please.

Tomaxko (17.Nov 2007 - 17:44): cause it is easier priogramed, hail to tomaxko :)

SatanReaper (17.Nov 2007 - 17:20): Damn its easy nowadays to organize a big game . . . . before we had 1 month of preparation just to get eough players. Now it’s full in one or two days.

Washu (14.Nov 2007 - 06:53): If any1 sees xznatezx (tarukid’s Agi 2v2 ladder partner) then please notify us, he should be found on US east server 0o.

Washu (12.Nov 2007 - 17:57): Yes, they run full lot faster than I could had dreamed of lol :)) Seems bigger ones are needed?

Tomaxko (12.Nov 2007 - 13:33): so all 3 new ladders full :))

Washu (10.Nov 2007 - 06:01): IMO the ladders come too frequent alrdy, they are like replacements of inhouse games atm rofl :)) Should try making a little bigger ones with more time taken per ladder :)) just my opinion

Delmoroth (09.Nov 2007 - 23:53): Heh i am not a ladder mod now so can someone please make another that us players can get in? all are full and have been for days.

mass (06.Nov 2007 - 12:47): how do i get out off ladder when i joined ???? i joined the small EU ladder team2 party. cant u get me out of that tom??

Tomaxko (05.Nov 2007 - 15:29): that ladder is over, so lets create new one?