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Older messages:

Epik (24.Jun 2010 - 19:00): to relieve peoples bordoem i released one of my saved (hidden) guides early before releasing the preceding one (which will come out after 1.18 due to spoilers)

Tomaxko (24.Jun 2010 - 17:37): the guides should work now ok

Epik (17.Jun 2010 - 17:07): im making an shop skill guide :D i cant wait till this section is back up

Nailez (04.Jun 2010 - 23:58): "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /nfsmnt/hosting1_1/f/7/f74a01e5-831f-40ca-b3cc-abebf1e58f43/ on line 84" I wanted to make a guide QQ,

Epik (19.May 2010 - 18:44): damn guide section is still broken T.T

Epik (09.Feb 2010 - 08:48): no but then 1.18 comes out there will be 2 new guides to read :)

Lisa (16.Jan 2010 - 05:20): think someone can do one on a summoner guide?

Epik (11.Dec 2009 - 09:39): FOR FUTURE NOTICE:If submitting a hero related guide, it should be a comprehensive description of the hero, including all play styles (to your knowledge) not just your favorite build, also try to avoid inputting personal biases into your ’’hero guides’’

Cillidan (22.Nov 2009 - 16:51): that means we have to poke tom about it and ask him to come up with somat

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Epik (20.Nov 2009 - 11:22): i agree that people should be able to ”edit” thier guids, but unfortunaly allowing that gives them the option to approve thier own guide, which is the moderators deciscion

Cillidan (20.Nov 2009 - 11:03): maybe players can edit theyr unfinishd guides. kinda weird that player who dont have rights in this place cant make a decent guide

Cillidan (20.Nov 2009 - 10:41): Hmmm, am i nearly only idiot who makes some guides? i see that epik and gray are workin on some. Or just non of made guides are publishd?

Epik (18.Nov 2009 - 19:46): hey pyro,satan,kile, tom, washu....can i get some input on my battle tactics 2 guide, need some critisism and tips plz, you guys been around longer

Graymark (14.Nov 2009 - 15:36): hmmm maybe when my eagle app and college stuff is done...


Epik (02.Nov 2009 - 19:28): man i cant wait till summer vaction, then after u get to play the new map for a while i could make a new quide >.>

Epik (25.Sep 2009 - 14:23): We should add a rule that a person must list the version the guide was made during, or the make must keep it up to date if she/he doesnt

Graymark (18.Sep 2009 - 00:22): >.> how was there a speed guide in the first place

1DKT (17.Sep 2009 - 21:02): OMG, what happened to the speed guide?

Cillidan (16.Sep 2009 - 12:04): Guys isn’u usefull with 1 l?

Cillidan (15.Sep 2009 - 12:49): And about suggsestions. Every idiot who’s making a guide should a have a changes to edit it. Because ain’t gonna do it like in 1 day. And if you do will probably have some errors in there.

Cillidan (15.Sep 2009 - 12:47): at washu look whos talkin?? whend did u move yar ass for moral and good will??

Washu (10.Sep 2009 - 20:02): Sheesh, I guess morale and good will is too much to hope for?

spacevet (09.Sep 2009 - 10:53): You do get something in return, you get the chance of the guide beeing the target off EPIC ERASE, and that´s not every day something is erased epicly.

Veena (09.Sep 2009 - 05:00): sounds like something a mooch would say

Washu (07.Sep 2009 - 14:22): Not everything in life is about getting something in return -.-

Graymark (05.Sep 2009 - 04:01): i can put it up anytime but would be inaccurate with changes. also getting all these errors fixed more important atm

Epik (25.Aug 2009 - 03:13): well id like do summthing (get beer money) AND get beer money for it :P

CzechMan1337 (21.Aug 2009 - 04:25): dude Washu, would you rather do something or do something and get beer money for doing it?

Epik (18.Aug 2009 - 12:24): quite...and gray still hasnt reuploaded the item guide he made, as vowed to do the day after the mass deletion >.>

KileRatZ (18.Aug 2009 - 03:38): Actually a lot of folks seemed to have written a few guides, then you woke up one morning and just deleted (not hid, DELETED) them all. I’d never write a guide if one of my previous ones’d get treated so harshly -_-.

Washu (16.Aug 2009 - 21:50): This is the problem with people, they are all eager to wish to get something for what they do :) But if humanity is to work it should do good deeds just because they find it right -.-

CzechMan1337 (11.Aug 2009 - 04:04): I agree with Epik. I COULD type up some guides that have been working well for me, but I don’t see anything to gain. There’s nothing in it for me. (a.k.a. add a rating system like Epik’s idea)

1DKT (09.Aug 2009 - 09:26): hm, kind of empty over here

Pyro (05.Aug 2009 - 13:28): Well since only tom can do it guess, he has to rebuild some pages

Epik (05.Aug 2009 - 06:16): i think we need to add a rating system to guides and if people achive a certain quality they get points on thier account~for motivation i mean

Epik (18.Jul 2009 - 20:36): omg pyro my mod status was removed....

CzechMan1337 (15.Jul 2009 - 03:17): i have bad spelling xD should have been accepted...

Washu (11.Jul 2009 - 08:57): excepted?

CzechMan1337 (10.Jul 2009 - 05:17): maybe if u guys excepted more fo them, there would be more... just saying

Epik (01.Jul 2009 - 03:44): NEED MORE GUIDES PPLES

RekOlOgIA (04.Jun 2009 - 08:51): Could someone edit my guide? When it explains to choose powerskills 1 and 7, but its 1 and 8 really.

Washu (01.Jun 2009 - 21:52): Dwarf makes a good everything XD From a fastass dps to a tanker XD with lameass damage

Epik (01.Jun 2009 - 09:25): there are beyond 12 creators here, whats the holdup wtih the contest? just enter sum of those

Epik (31.May 2009 - 20:19): how do u edit ur own guide?

hunter940117 (25.May 2009 - 23:02): man i need a guid that makes a all around tank ;( if you know how to do it pls coment on my profil

eric[gss] (13.May 2009 - 13:13): i thought it was pretty funny :P dont change it!!!!

Washu (10.May 2009 - 20:21): Should make a new requirement here - Must have better English than me, because seriously XD Some are just plain hilarious :))

Leik (21.Apr 2009 - 19:41): updated my guid

SatanReaper (19.Apr 2009 - 18:28): I hath changeth ith :)

Washu (19.Apr 2009 - 11:47): Whaa?

Epik (19.Apr 2009 - 02:20): can u change my rev build to a contest submsission

Graymark (18.Apr 2009 - 16:32): some sort of error in epik’s latest guide, has a blank keyword

KnightMan (07.Apr 2009 - 23:12): Eventually, these guides will be organized into Hero/General/Item folder-like things right?

eric[gss] (06.Apr 2009 - 13:03): post more guides people!

Graymark (01.Apr 2009 - 08:34): or make so can filter like all players

SatanReaper (29.Mar 2009 - 14:35): And only people with access can move/add guides there.

Washu (28.Mar 2009 - 20:34): Or most viewed, something like that would indeed be good :)

SatanReaper (28.Mar 2009 - 11:59): I like it, btw, can you add another box, like the guide gox, just it would be for the ’’sticky’’ guides. Those that are really good :)

Washu (28.Mar 2009 - 01:53): Ok, it is funny then, I’ll talk to you on ICQ why is it funny XD