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Epik (03.Jun 2010 - 21:38): does Breath of frost, parasite, and black sprirt all stack? or does one dispell the others?

Epik (15.Feb 2010 - 22:44): there is no vengence aura, its just druids aura

Epik (02.Dec 2009 - 14:58): when the hell did we have blession of the weak?

WorDofDeaTh (30.Oct 2009 - 10:33): well more fun trying to spam washu msn when he playing against u xD

TealNinja (02.Oct 2009 - 06:27): WorDofDeaTh - I hate having to take my hand off the hotkeys just to chase someone down. Windowed mode would cause that situation.

KileRatZ (30.Sep 2009 - 12:59): Fixed, of course nuke damage gets reduced.

Epik (29.Sep 2009 - 21:41): it says nukes are pure damage, how come come magic resist counters them theb?

KileRatZ (28.Sep 2009 - 21:49): Updated (1.17b)

WorDofDeaTh (19.Sep 2009 - 13:50): just do it windowed mode? no need for alt -tab to get here :D (i play hosk and msning at same time :D)

Next 50 messages:

NoOb (17.Sep 2009 - 16:31): missing update this page

Graymark (09.Sep 2009 - 22:12): the nightmare of the mods xD

KileRatZ (09.Sep 2009 - 01:14): Well, the idea is to re-check each one manually (alt-tabbing to game)..

TealNinja (09.Sep 2009 - 00:38): Offensive skills updated with more appropriate wording. Don’t know all the data, so can’t update the abilities with the updated damage/durations/etc.

CheckLister (26.Aug 2009 - 00:31): At Jarboe, Gemini really wasn’t ever that bad. Could hold its own against creep waves. Angel’s Wink is a skill we could kinda do without... Even though he can remove debuff, other than that, it isn’t that great.

KileRatZ (16.Aug 2009 - 18:16): One typo less, 3417 to go

CzechMan1337 (10.Aug 2009 - 01:49): For Poison Lance, shouldn’t it say sends a magical LANCE instead of LENCE? Not big deal... I just notice small stuff like that...

KileRatZ (23.Jul 2009 - 10:36): Changed, thx

GreeningCow (13.Jul 2009 - 03:35): This is a really minor thing, but in the description of Basic Alchemy ”The usage of potions is possible to be performed every 8 seconds” seems really awkward. Couldn’t it just be ”Potions can be used every 8 seconds” or ”Potions have an 8 second cooldown”?

KileRatZ (27.Jun 2009 - 19:56): Nope

Epik (21.Jun 2009 - 18:23): when activated by a nuke, does healing salve trigger suppourting spirits?

RBM (21.Jun 2009 - 10:31): i think angels wink is awesome xD btw the picture is outdated i believe.. anyway angelwink+support spirits is sooo sweet for keeping youre life up

Shika (18.Jun 2009 - 02:45): Fire Bomb is sexy <3

Epik (07.May 2009 - 18:05): owls are offnseive silly goose xD

Jarboe (25.Apr 2009 - 07:08): Epik, alot of the support skills need to be buffed, or else you could get screwed when you random. Pointless skills such as gemini and angels wink need buffing. Overall the support skills are weak, but there are some staples like blink, teleport, and the healing ones (healing touch, healing ward, etc.).

Dragon (17.Mar 2009 - 20:05): i love pie, who else?

Epik (10.Feb 2009 - 09:38): just wanted to throw that out there

Epik (10.Feb 2009 - 09:37): owls should be buffed

spacevet (08.Jan 2009 - 22:02): It does submerge them to a shock, and that shock sets a curse on em that damages them.

Wind197 (10.Jun 2008 - 00:06): Goblin pulse says it submerges them to a shock

SatanReaper (14.Mar 2008 - 15:53): I just noticed this comment that was written several months ago. I put this description there for entertainment purposes. Everyone knows what Cannibalize does and also everyone knows that Paladins and Priests are the most HOLY heroes in HoSK. That is why Cannibalize would be most apropriate choice for them. .......Why did you change it, put it back

Washu (18.Nov 2007 - 16:51): Please, why is there a text: Works only for Paladin and Priest in the Cannibalize spell description