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Slaywoo (firewarior) quick guide

slaywoo was ´the ancient protecter and executioner of the legendary sorrow knight:)

Admin Notes:
       A miniguide, good if you quickly want to know how to play him. [by SatanReaper] Approved for 1.18b [by Epik]

    - Mini guide,
    - Attacker, Creep killer, Hero killer,
    - late game,

Creator: mass         Date: 08.Sep - 13:12         Views: 6794
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offensive skill: there are several useful spells for this character but mine favorite is
Slam, poison quake, sleep, or tornado

defensive spell: Healing Eye, Spellshield, or Blink

powers: powerwave and training

passives: Regeneration aura, Agility Strikes, durability, and one of the following; Vampirism, backstab, or poison slash (you decide :)

Items: in this order; Ethereal Mark, Rhynns eye + Orcrist (simultaneously), Kris of insomnia
Detailed explanation of the order and why to follow it

The following 2 passives should be taken at the start, since this hero is flimsy to early game:
-Regeneration Aura gives nice healing
-Durability gives hp and more life regeneration,
-[optional; 1 point only] Brilliance aura to provide the pic regeneration needed to spam powers
-Vampirism to sustain yourself while killing enemies (better endgame]
Order of Legends and why

Rhynns eye is the first legendary you should build, because it gives the nessesary pic in order to spam training. (Training gives 1 agility point per usage). Also remember to use the active on the legendary, because the ability: [silence] on rhynns is a good anti-caster tool

Power Wave deals 550 burst damage with a short cooldown and is also effective for creep killing. In Hosk effective means gold and faster exp gain.

Orcrist should be your second legendary. It grants slaywoo pulverize which would allow him to farm better. Also remember to use the active on the legendary, because like the ability: [silence] on rhynns (decent anti-caster), Orcrists ability: [Slam] is very useful in that it damages and slows enemies (slows alot).

Kris should be last, it will definitely provide the speed and DPS necessary to hunt heroes down.
Ending Notes

By this point you'll have a lot of agility and if you couple that with Vampirism (if you took it) killing heroes will be easy as pie, especially caster and slow strength heroes.

Although this is a short guide, i still hope you can enjoy and discover new ways to play him. I guarantee that if you follow this guide he will be hard to match late-game.

P.S. if you want, you can put some stats in strength he will have more hp than other agility heroes.

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news Comments:
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1DKT (23.Jul - 06:24, 2010): orcist + poison slash + natures will = can catch any hero on the run (not including blink or sacred hammer)
mass (07.Jan - 21:05, 2010): might be right coz the orbs work poor together but in some way is will trigger in whirl pool but no in order so ur rgith i dont recomendet it
orleanda (25.Dec - 21:22, 2009): yeah so the passiv text which says ”orb effect dont stack stack” and is written in both poison slash and vampirsm lies?
mass (24.Dec - 02:36, 2009): they stack my dear.. actually poisen is a waste if you ask me.. only start game that will grant you very nice dmg and slow good(with steath ofc :D anyhow poisen is good choise for any melee
orleanda (18.Dec - 17:52, 2009): Correct me if i’m wrong but : ”passives Regeneration aura/Agility Strikes/durability/Vampirism/backstab or poison slash(you decide :)” how can u suggest taking vampirism AND poison slash o.o
mass (15.Dec - 01:27, 2009): sh*t!! epik is not seph so i ques i thanky wrong person.. any how its still great sorry but keep it real epik :)
mass (15.Dec - 01:07, 2009): i rly love how you remade my guide with the east like a pie :D:D lovve it thx.. seph^^ great job
mass (15.Dec - 01:01, 2009): haha i like ur remake :) much more understanderble >_< <3 thx m8
Epik (13.Dec - 23:53, 2009): i might have skipped over a few things, but its a lot more understandable now ^.^
mass (11.Dec - 20:55, 2009): hurray for king chocolate with nuttie’s...
mass (11.Dec - 20:53, 2009): yea epik if you can fix some of the gramma and have little sper time knock urself out :)
Epik (11.Dec - 09:35, 2009): But satan has a choclate empire backing hims so he has the final say >.>
Epik (11.Dec - 09:29, 2009): no offense to mass but i didnt approve of this for the following reasons: mostly a mini ero build, not very comprehensive, bad grammar (ill fix if you want me too, Graymark before you comment on my spelling STFU)

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