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I bet you guys were wondering what the new section will be....well probably you didnt but still. This is our NEW AND IMPROVED GUIDE SECTION
All your guides should belong in here and all that are currently just thrown out on the forum should be, and most probably will be, put in this part of our beloved site.
The making of a guide is fairly easy due to everything being so simple, but if you have a question feel free to ask.

After you write a guide it will remain invisible until one of the Guide admins has approved it.
It will not be approved if it:
- is not finished
- is pure nonsense, some bad attempt at making a stupid joke or I dont know
- is not a guide (makes sense doesnt it?)
- is a hero build

Because this section is completely new, it is most likely missing some stuff, or it could look strange at some parts. So feel free to post suggestions on how to improve the section.

Also thanks to Tomaxko for taking his time to make this part of the forum.

- SatanReaper -

Guide Name
Admin Notes
63Battle tactics III Fog of WarEpikapproved for v1.18b [by Epik]08.Feb - 16:126732
58LEIK'S GUIDE FOR PUB GAMESEpikMade By Leik, taken from the "other" topic in forum [by Epik]06.Nov - 20:538142
56Stat class heroCillidanapproved for v1.18b [by Epik]18.Sep - 12:218078
55The Guide to Countering ArmorCillidanapproved for v1.18b [by Epik]18.Sep - 11:326911
54Superior Speed (How become speed freak)Cillidanapproved for v1.18b [by Epik]16.Sep - 09:437856
53Panda 1.17Cillidanupdated for 1.18b [by Epik]13.Sep - 19:226495
50Slaywoo (firewarior) quick guidemassA miniguide, good if you quickly want to know how to play him. [by SatanReaper] Approved for 1.18b [by Epik]08.Sep - 13:126789
48Battle tactics IEpikapproved for v1.18b [by Epik]21.Jun - 15:577418
46General Poison Mage GuidePyro15.Jun - 19:159042
2Example guideSatanReaperHeavily outdated, as an example only. [by SatanReaper] but some pictures are not working... [by Tomaxko]08.Mar - 22:498331

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news In this part of the site, there will be info on guide events, the winners, some guides that are worth mentioning etc... Most likely it will look like a list with links to the good guides.

news Comments:
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Epik (24.Jun - 19:00, 2010): to relieve peoples bordoem i released one of my saved (hidden) guides early before releasing the preceding one (which will come out after 1.18 due to spoilers)
Tomaxko (24.Jun - 17:37, 2010): the guides should work now ok
Epik (17.Jun - 17:07, 2010): im making an shop skill guide :D i cant wait till this section is back up
Nailez (04.Jun - 23:58, 2010): "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /nfsmnt/hosting1_1/f/7/f74a01e5-831f-40ca-b3cc-abebf1e58f43/ on line 84" I wanted to make a guide QQ,
Epik (19.May - 18:44, 2010): damn guide section is still broken T.T
Epik (09.Feb - 08:48, 2010): no but then 1.18 comes out there will be 2 new guides to read :)
Lisa (16.Jan - 05:20, 2010): think someone can do one on a summoner guide?
Epik (11.Dec - 09:39, 2009): FOR FUTURE NOTICE:If submitting a hero related guide, it should be a comprehensive description of the hero, including all play styles (to your knowledge) not just your favorite build, also try to avoid inputting personal biases into your ’’hero guides’’
Cillidan (22.Nov - 16:51, 2009): that means we have to poke tom about it and ask him to come up with somat
Epik (20.Nov - 11:22, 2009): i agree that people should be able to ”edit” thier guids, but unfortunaly allowing that gives them the option to approve thier own guide, which is the moderators deciscion
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Epik (14.Jan - 08:00): Will there be a new hosk for wc3 reforged?
Asfreedman (12.Jan - 04:53): just redownloaded wc3... so i'm playing a little here and there. My nick is ArtZoyd now and im playing on US East.
XiPiX (06.Dec - 22:09, 2018): Wc3 is alive again bois! If anyone is up for some HOSK? My ingame nick has change to Lolapops :)
Cillidan (20.Oct - 14:24, 2018): more or less. but this page is dead tho
ndinh (19.Oct - 13:43, 2018): this game still alive ppl?
Jimi003 (20.Aug - 09:52, 2018): Where are you, children of Sorrow Knight?!
Lemon (29.Jul - 04:38, 2018): nevermind i found it out
Lemon (29.Jul - 03:57, 2018): It says download not found. Can someone help me out? thanks!
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04, 2018): Santa is still known as santa
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04, 2018): happy new year
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