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Battle tactics III Fog of War

How to abuse fog of war in hosk

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Creator: Epik         Date: 08.Feb - 16:12         Views: 6731
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Fog of War "FOW" overview
+ If you attack or cast a spell on an enemy, you will be revealed
+ Only AoE spells can damage people hiding in fog
+ When a unit/hero moves into fog of war you lose your target
+ Fog is created by 1) higher ground 2) obstacles such as walls/trees/rocks ect.
+ Can only be blinked into if it was explored once
+ Units/heroes vanish off the minimap if they are concealed in fog of war

Table of Contents
Basic uses:
A) Orchestrating an ambush
B) Avoiding pursuers
C) Crossing the map unnoticed
D) Advanced Tactics ( Full team strategies not solo attempts)
E) Abusing Certain abilities

One of the most basic uses for FOW is in the planning of ganks or ambushes. Many may think them the same, but they are not. They may be similar in appearance (out numbering an opponent{s}), but the approach in doing them and how FOW is used are completely different.
The Gank: all members of the gank squad are in FOW while they sneak up on their prey and attack all at once.
The Ambush: The practice of having one person kite (making something chase them) an opponent into an area covered by fog, in which the kiter has allies in wait. This approach is more teamwork oriented in my opinion is more honorable than a gank because it is mostly used as a form of rescue rather than to just be a group of dickheads.

One of the most important uses for FOW
Basically find an area enclosed by FOW from all sides (such as near the legend shops) and then make an odd turn off course. When your pursuers reach the enclosed area, you're already gone. And since they can't see outside the area, they won't be able to tell what direction you went (unless they are very good at anticipating movement <pro skill developed fast by playing archer wars legacy>.
Here are some of the best juke spots

There are quite a few ways to traverse the map unnoticed while still in your lane, all thanks to hosk's FOW prevalent terrain

N/A I might make a guide about the various team tactics I've done in the past, but it's to much to put here (it'd be like a guide within a guide)

Several abilities can be used to their fullest (or in craft ways) utilizing fog of war, some ward type abilities that are invisible, are easily avoided with true sight. And that's where fog steps in, if the ward/summon/ect is hidden in fog of war, nothing can see it, save for flying units or if the area is warded by the enemy.

The best planting spots with FoW

Rifleman: <TNT barrels> (same strategy goes with mines from offensive shop) You may place them in spots that are hidden in fog of war until they are triggered (point blank range)

Knight lord : <Small Towers> May use them in ambushes to trap an enemy by blocking their path without them knowing ahead of time.

Assassin: <Stasis Trap> similar to mines and tnt barrels, but longer range.

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