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This guide is made by Leik, i take no credit for its creation. I'm just submitting it

Admin Notes:
       Made By Leik, taken from the "other" topic in forum [by Epik]

    - Mini guide,

Creator: Epik         Date: 06.Nov - 20:53         Views: 8141
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picLeik said:
This handy guide is for the people who want to host HoSK and promote a quality image of the community and it’s supporters, I highly suggest you take these suggestions to heart as it will most assuredly reflect well on the HoSK community as a whole.

1: ) Handy tips
/- Don’t use modes which help one build and not another. (BFR, SHG...)
(Good, balanced modes: ap sha nm)

/- Allow for a ’cooldown’ period in the game lobby, giving players a chance to leave and sort their pre-game issues out as well as rooting out potential bad players with connection issues.

/- Keep your bandwidth free, refraining from downloading the latest album or movie released as it will better allow players to fully enjoy the game without having to wait two seconds for their commands to go through.

/- Running your own self-created ban list. If you host a lot chances are you have a strong list of names to keep your games problem free.

/- Run the latest version of banlist or create a hard copy of players on hand should you not wish to run more applications than need be.

/- Host the most current version available.

/- Don’t be poor-sport and flame everyone who kills you, you kill.

2: )General Rules.

/- Do not spam the game lobby while it fills. Other people may be talking or trying to whisper friends. This action may lead to multiple lobby boots or potentially a ban.

/- Do not spam in-game as it poorly reflects on you. This may lead to banning from future games or possibly a kick if it’s extensive.

/- Do not flame for any reason for any time. You could be a friend, rival, general pub that plays a lot. Whomever, it poorly reflects on everyone and will lead to a kick from the lobby or possibly the game and most certainly a follow up banning.

/- Refrain from ’giving u[’ or being a poor sport in general, this also reflects poorly on the community as a whole.

/- Do not steal items, I don’t run NLI so you’ll get the boot and your
corpse will be divided up.

/- If you want a particular mode then ask, don’t demand for it and be prepared to offer up a strong argument in its favor as it may not be a well liked or fair mode.

/- If you add a host to your friend list ask yourself these questions:
Do I use /f m a lot?
Do I play with this person a lot?
Is this person a reliable host that hosts during my time frame?
Do the host and I generally get along?
Will I be offended if the host does not add me back?
/- This should go without saying, do not leave.

/-Guidelines regarding Bans:
Because there seem to be many people who are incapable of such judgment on their own, resulting in many disputes and even more headaches. These guidelines are being written to lessen the many disputes.

/- Common Rules.

Back Dooring (BD): Back-dooring in terms of aos style maps is generally regarded as attacking a tower, spawner or opposing creeps behind the current battle (where heroes/creeps are fighting) resulting in an easier tower kill or creep cut off due to no hero being able to currently stop them.

Now ask yourself yourself these questions.
Is he doing it repeatedly?
Is he doing it after being told to stop?
Have buildings been destroyed?
If yes, ban him for one week before disputing and then remove it 3-4 days after.
If no, warn him. If he does still do it, ban him 2-3 weeks before opening a dispute.

Bird-Attacking: This occurs when a hero attacks a Bird (aka item carrier)
when it flies over their threat zone and pursue it until it has been damaged, fled, or killed.

This instance of ’rule breaking’ is almost entirely up to the current admin(s) in the game in question. For a base point we’ll go off my experiences.
Which are,if this happens in a pub game and there have been items lost, this is the fault of the person who sent out the bird. It’s a good idea to never send out a bird with items. The bird itself dieing shouldn’t be a bannable offense. A bird carrying items that have been stolen/destroy is a bannable offense. (this matter is another rule entirely)

Before taking action ask yourself these questions:
Is it happening repeatedly?
Are the birds carrying items?
Have birds been killed?

If yes, CONSIDER banning him.
If he is banned hold the ban until it’s been disputed and remove it immediately or 2-3 days.
If he has not disputed it hold the ban for one week.

If no, it can be safely assumed it was just a stray hit.
if he is attacking birds but not killing them, this is a valid strategy, making the enemy focus on his bird for a split second.

Item Stealing (Enemy): When an enemy hero has killed a bird or has run into an enemy hero area and picked up an item before escaping.

This is for all intents and purposes a valid strategy resulting in a severely weakened enemy hero but it is also a very poor-sport thing to do. This under my games is something I will ban for if the outcome is unfavorable. (this is also why I do not run NLI in pub games, NLI is for PRIVATE games)

Is he doing it repeatedly?
Is he not returning the item?
Has he sold the item?
If yes, ban immediately and hold the ban for two weeks with no dispute possible.
If he has returned the item, warn and consider banning for a small amount of time, 1-2 days or 3-4 games.

Item stealing (Allies): When an allied hero picks an item up off the ground in base or from a fallen bird.

Is he doing it repeatedly?
Is he not returning the item?
Is he selling the item?
If yes, ban for 1-2 weeks with a dispute open after 1 week.
If he is returning the item, consider removing him from that game and one or two more games.

Leaving a game: When a hero leaves a game with no explanation:

Is this his first time(playing or leaving)?
If yes, ban until he has disputed it, removing it.

Is he doing it repeatedly?
if yes, ban for 2 weeks before a dispute may be opened.

3: ) Maps that cause conflicts with HoSK (Not complete)
As a general rule you should always restart Warcraft III between map changes.

Advent of the Zenith
Age of Myths
Defense of the Ancients
Custom Hero Arena
Land of Legends
Desert of Exile
Some versions of Line Tower Wars
Doodad TD (rare cases)
Older versions of HoSK
Moo Moo Defense (Rare cases)
Humans VS Orcs
Some Versions of Hero Wars
Some Versions of Hero Line Wars
Temple of War
Sacred War Revolutions.
Footmen Vs Grunts.

Setting up for a game.

Pickup.Listchecker here
This will be your optimum tool for hosting a game of HoSK especially if you know the attending players as PLC has major conflicts with all custom kicks.

Visual Custom Kick here
When hosting over this tool provides a wealth of tools, even the latency reducer that’s seen in PLC. You may prefer starting games with PLC over VCK due to the spamless auto refresh and the logging out of bnet prevent spam.

Banlist here
stores info for bans and notes written by you against various players for future reference and providing an easy to use ban when someone leaves as well as auto saving replays.

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mass (11.Dec - 21:03, 2009): its amazing.. right to the bone.. gj
Epik (10.Nov - 17:57, 2009): it should be manditory to read this IMO xD

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