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Stat class hero

This is a guide about stat build aka have high stats and how to use those stats.

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Creator: Cillidan         Date: 18.Sep - 12:21         Views: 8077
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Stat Build

Ok this is my fourth guide already. I think i have made the most guides. Or atleast I hold the reocrd for most guides published. But still there is one more thing that I wish to have. The Best Guide. That title own Pyroscar. He is good. Lets hope I'm better.

But now lets see what I got for you this time.

Now lets pick some heroes that will fit to this build best. How to find them. It's easy they have to have high stat gain. Not that they get they primary attribute alot. They have to get all alot. So these are the best options in my e

First of all Best INT heroes for this build:

picSpirit Walker

picEther Lord


Ok Spirit Walker. Got the most avarage stat gain. This is good for this build. You will have nice attack speed. Ok health and good mana. This is nice for this build. Maybe even the best.
Stats: +0.7str +0.7agi +0.7int

Ether Lord. Got higher str and int gain. But little lower agi gain. This is also good. This hero might be a bit better then Spirit Walker. Because he is melee. Maybe it's me but melee heroes are better.
Stats: +0.8str +0.4agi +0.8int

Dryad. The third int option for this build. He is the agi+int base. And get's lesser strenght. But her's primary is best of these three so. She might be also the best.
Stats: +0.4str +0.7agi +1.1int

Now these were 3 best Int options. This should work on other Int heroes as well. But these are the best 3.

Now three Agi heroes:

picKodo Rider

picCentaur Archer


Kode Rider. High hp and nice attack range. This will make nice semi-tank dps with this stating.
His gain str/agi alot but kinda low int.
Stats: +0.8str +0.8agi +0.4int

Centaur Archer. Almost same as Kodo But got higher avareage. He is very similar to Spirit Walker. Both range and very high avareage stat gain.
Stats: +0.7str +0.8agi +0.6int

Knight. Ah Knight, the best hero in hosk. You don't need any good spells/skills to own with him. His stat gain and primary+some nice passivs will do the trick.
Ststs: +0.7str +1.0agi +0.3int

Now the three str heroes:

picDruid of the Claw



Druid of the claw. Not my favo hero. But he is good. He's primary is good. You don't need those start pot's that much then. He go also some nice powers.
Stats: +0.8str +0.8agi +0.5int

Drac. Another good but not my favo hero. But still he's primary is good nuke/heal.
Stats: +0.8str +0.8agi +0.4int

Not last but not least. Necromancer. He's is very good hero. His primary is good heal. He's stat gain is the best. He is the king of kings.
Stats: +1.0str +0.5agi +0.5int

Now when he have looked up 9 heroes. They are special because they got higher then avareage stat gain in all 3 stats. Now lets see what passivs/items you need.

NB!!! Where you put your stats isn't important. But i recommend you to boost all stats. 1 level all to str other all agi and then all int. Mix it up!!



These are 3 passivs. Also Agi Strike is recommended but they haven't update the page yet. So can't give much info about that one. 3 Passivs taken you can also take Str Bonus/Int Bonus for more stats.

OK now some items you need for your stats:



Also I recommend you to get Executioner's Justice. This is good mystical and it gives you all stats. It also gets better with your stats.

These are items that are recommended. Also you can have more items. But in the moment you think you got all items you need.

Keep Building Legends!

Building, Selling, and Rebuilding them is more cost efficient than just buying stats.
This was a Short Guide how to use your heroes high stats

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news Comments:
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1DKT (23.Aug - 00:18, 2010): "You will start bying stats!" should be removed. And statment "Making legendary items is a cheapest way to gain stats" should be added.
Nailez (04.Jun - 23:49, 2010): Good guide, but in some ways I contest the hero choices. First of all, Sea Spirit with (Like Spacevet said) with grow/unleash is pretty damn pwn. As much as the numbers for these heroes are good, some heroes have abilities are better suited to a stats build; and while discussing hero pick, abilities should be discussed also.
WorDofDeaTh (02.Feb - 20:26, 2010): also... how can u forget the best hero for stats build? Dark One????
1DKT (26.Jan - 07:52, 2010): grotlantneruber is a good stat mystic too. Should try to make celestial trident and helm of equi first - to get stats per hero kill. Some good stat legendaries are - lorica fides, magic hands,acid talizman.
Epik (10.Nov - 00:32, 2009): you didnt? i thought every1 knew, since it was modeled after temari...a bitch XD pwned
WorDofDeaTh (24.Oct - 10:52, 2009): i never knew dryad was a shemale...
spacevet (11.Oct - 01:48, 2009): A stat guid should mention how even/uneven the overall stat gain total is, what skills gives + stats when taken or can generate stats. Grow/unleash isn´t mentioned, or Training from fire-warrior. Examples of ending stats for the builds etc.
Graymark (04.Oct - 12:48, 2009): spelling... also get`s would mean ”get is” or that get has possesion so ya.. no apostrophe

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