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The Guide to Countering Armor

Ever fight a tank who had too much armor, and made your damage irrelevant? Here is what can you do.

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Creator: Cillidan         Date: 18.Sep - 11:32         Views: 6681
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This is good against high armor enemies like agility-tank or heroes like Knight lord.
Anyway here is what you need:

For the Offensive Shop Skill take

It reduces armor by 20, and that's just the beginning. This is good also against Assassin, Satyr, and Heroes who use invisibility since it gives vision of the target.

Next thing will be:


This passive is what you need to counter your enemy's armor, it will reduce armor by 15. This is also effective counter to fade from: Ethereal Mark/Art of Assassin. Because the aura will make them more visible.
So far this is makes -35 armor.

Now lets move on to items.


Fire Gloves: -10 armor
Fenix Power: -20 armor
Nature Will: -35 armor

This, plus the listed passive and shop skill will add up to -40,-50, or -65 armor. Unless countered there is a high chance that their armor will drop to zero, and occasionally it goes into the negative, this in turn adds increased damage.

Unfortunately the negative armor buffs from items do not stack with each other or armor reducing powers.

And if you are going full out dps most of these items are useful. You will only need to forgo your Offensive Shop Skill and 1 passive, and that's a good trade-off.

This is can be used at the start also, for instance lets say you take faerie fire, and fenix power. Doing this enables you to reduce your enemies armor by 24, ON LEVEL 1! A cheaper version would be substitute fenix with fire gloves which amounts to a reduction of 14. Either combination is useful.

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Washu (26.Sep - 08:22, 2009): Corrected a few errors in facts also :/
Epik (22.Sep - 06:45, 2009): uhh i thoght thats wut u said >.> im a dummy ill fix
Cillidan (22.Sep - 06:33, 2009): And you made a mistake. U cant have corrupt aura and faerie fire on lvl 1!!!
Epik (21.Sep - 06:47, 2009): i guess >.>, well any way i looked it over and fixed it somwhat more
Graymark (21.Sep - 06:45, 2009): maybe because it is not insulting.. it is showing exasperation which, coincidentally, is funny?
Epik (21.Sep - 06:37, 2009): how come thats more funny than insulting?
Graymark (21.Sep - 06:31, 2009): again lots of bad grammar and again its just taking an obivous tactic and shoving it in ur face

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