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Battle tactics I

Since HoSK has such a large learning curve I decided to make a tactical guide for new players

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Creator: Epik         Date: 21.Jun - 15:57         Views: 7418
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Item System
First of all, there are Basic Item Shops (shop 1, 2, and 3) they are used to build items made from the Recipe Shops (1, 2, and 3). The Recipe Shops sell ``RECIPES``, NOT PRE-MADE ITEMS which combine with the listed items to create the item shown on the recipe. Then there is the Legendary Shop (to see it type -shop) this shop sells `Legendary Item Recipes` they work the same way normal recipes do except they create powerful Legendary Items*: You do gain on Built Bonus when you build the Legendary Item in your Raven.

*note you may have only 1 copy of each legendary in your inventory at a time

Early Game
To start off after buying your item/items sell your TP scrolls and use the Resurrection Stone to Teleport to you to a lane for 50g

Starting Items
1st item for your legendary or Items for a Mystic
Buy a Raven this is important for making items while staying in a lane since it can build and TP items to you

Regarding Lanes
In each lane there is a neutral tower that a team can capture, in middle lane there are 2, and it is IMPERATIVE to take these as soon as possible because they make a big difference early game. There are three situations with three ways to handle taking the tower

1)You are alone ATM and no enemy is in sight->attack the tower and take it solo

2)You and an enemy (enemies are in a lane) it`ll probably end in a stalemate so wait for your creeps and last hit or if he`s attacking the tower make sure you last hit (if you do less than 45 damage a hit don`t bother you`ll just help them)

3)Tower is already taken, fall back to your tower and wait till your strong enough to push

When under leveled

Offensive Strategy

Attack your enemy until he uses his potions so he`s forced to leave lane depriving him of experience

Class Tactics

Spell-caster-hit and run w/ spells. Then, when you are strong enough to with stand attacks, go in and cast unrestrained so you can finish them quick and clean

Summoner- use melee summons to surround an enemy and box them in for an easy kill

Ranged Agility- unless you have 1.5k+ DPS, kite people to death

Battle Mage- generally go in and auto attack an enemy, but specifics depend on your build and hero

Melee DPS- go to hell on enemies until they die, avoid gankers and towers

Tank- kill through perseverance and you might want some movement speed items because tanks are generally slow movers

Healer- heal your nearby teammates or if you are alone push with creeps by healing them

Advanced Tactics
Jukeing-when chased, veer off course into an area littered with trees or such which Block line of sight creating fog of war for your pursuers

Ambushing- when hero killing it`s always good to come from an area with fog of war because usually if an enemy near your creeps in his lane while you`re in FOW, YOU can see HIM, BUT HE can`t see YOU

Healing in lane- When in a lane there is usually a nearby consumable shop when you get low hp go there and by a Replenishment Potion. Replenishment Potions heal the user for 650hp+20mana over 5 seconds. That`s much faster than going to a fountain of hp or going to base to heal. In the time of doing the latter 2 you could have made 200-400 gold in creeps. Hence, paying the 100g is well worth the sacrifice.

Runes- Runes are located in the river on east and west side of the map, get them whenever possible. A good strategy is to put a ward near them (putting a ward there also helps avoid ganks because most gankers usually come from the river)

Warding-in addition to the previously mention ward placement there are a few more places to put wards that can be a game maker:
1) Near each of the teleport locations in southwest area and the northeast area as a heads up when foe goes to right or left lane
2) At the foot of the slope leading to the legend shops, these areas are major shortcuts 2 lanes and not to mention if someone goes for a legend in person you`ll see them.
3) And one at the sorrow knights Location the reasons for this one are simple: stop the other team from getting the hammer and maybe even get the chance to kill steal the SK.

On Escapes: one both sides of the map (east and west) there is a purple circular shaped portal, these teleport you back to your base instantly these are you best way to escape dire situations, you must also assume when you chase an enemy and you`re near a portal that they will head for it, because unless they are planning a gank, chances are they are going for the portal. In this case you should block the entrance or prevent them some or if they are low hp and you have a long range AoE spell (such as wizards frost finger) you can use about 1 screen inch from the portal and most likely they`ll be hit by it.

*created during 1.16

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