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General Poison Mage Guide

General information and basics for Poison Mage.

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Creator: Pyro         Date: 15.Jun - 19:15         Views: 9042
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Table of Contents
-Skill Arrangement
-Skill Build
-Item Arrangement

About Hero

Story:They are one of the darkest sides of the elven population as they use sinister and
cunning magics to make their opponents suffer in the agony, while their body is infected with the
most powerful fores poisons.


Poison Mage is one of my favorite heroes and a really fun and enjoyable hero to play. Having a well-
balanced and strong power skills, makes him even more fun to play. I will try to explain basics and
general strategy and overall skill selections. He is a powerful burst hero also a very potential
battle mage. And i will explain my builds over aiming minumun/maximum three Legendary Items overall.
And my builds will secure you an overall solid defense besides tough DPS.

Overall Stats

Primary Attribute

+0.2 strenght +0.1 agility +1.7 intelligence per level

Level 1
Damage: 34-40
Range: 400
Hit Points: 952
Mana Points: 37
Movement Speed: 215
Armor: 0

Level 50
Damage: 114-120
Range: 400
Hit Points: 2014
Mana Points: 155
Movement Speed: 255
Armor: 7+1

Skill Description

Primary Skill

pic Poison

Level 1: Adds 30 damage / 8 seconds duration / 18 seconds cooldown
Level 2: Adds 40 damage / 9 seconds duration / 18 seconds cooldown
Level 3: Adds 50 damage / 10 seconds duration / 18 seconds cooldown
Level 4: Adds 60 damage / 11 seconds duration / 18 seconds cooldown
Level 5: Adds 70 damage / 12 seconds duration / 18 seconds cooldown

A pretty versatile spell for a caster which enables different build variations. Also it is well for
boosting damage nicely even more than a level 5 Command and combines good for physical damage builds
which work realy well on Poison Mage.

Power Skills

pic Poison Attack

Level 1: Adds 40 poison damage / 2 pic
Level 2: Adds 65 poison damage / 3 pic
Level 3: Adds 90 poison damage / 2 pic

A perfect complement with Poison attack. It can be auto-casted by right clicking. Mixing up
passives like Command and Black Shot Auras plus Battle Magic, also mysticals like Grotlantneruber
you will have a heavy physical hitter. This semi-caster battle mage can be a good alternate to burst

pic Poison Strike

Level 1: 200 /50 damage every 3 for 7 seconds / 18 seconds cooldown / 700 cast range / 12 pic
Level 2: 275 /50 damage every 2 for 7 seconds / 16 seconds cooldown / 700 cast range / 20 pic
Level 3: 350 /50 damage every 1 for 7 seconds / 14 seconds cooldown / 700 cast range / 35 pic

A really powerfull Nuke and DoT also slows the enemy for a short period. 700 damage at total without
calculating spell resistances and casting passives. One of the crushing spells of Poison Mage.
Poison Mage can be a really heavy nuker by having these kind of spells.

pic Poison Waves

Level 1: 40 damage / 7 seconds duration / 2500 casting range / 30 seconds cooldown / 30 pic
Level 2: 40 damage / 7 seconds duration / 3500 casting range / 25 seconds cooldown / 25 pic
Level 3: 40 damage / 7 seconds duration / 4500 casting range / 20 seconds cooldown / 20 pic

Immense lane control and the ultimate farm skill. Blackens the area and razes everything to the
ground. Long range cast enables clearing out lanes from long distance and good for hitting fleeing
enemies. Simply one of the best spells of Poison Mage.

pic Poison Minions

Level 1: Summons 2 minions / 30 seconds duration / 20 seconds cooldown / 20 pic
Level 2: Summons 2 minions / 45 seconds duration / 20 seconds cooldown / 25 pic
Level 3: Summons 3 minions / 50 seconds duration / 20 seconds cooldown / 40 pic

Poison Mages only summoning skill but he can also be a realy strong summoner. In level 3 having
constantly 6 minions all the time and can be combined with Mud Golems and Fire Wolf Call and he can
be a mass spammer. Due to high mana cost having a good mana regeneration is an obligation such as
Power mana or Brilliance Aura.

pic Poison Nova

Level 1: 250 damage / 16 seconds cooldown / 800 AoE / 10 pic
Level 2: 350 damage / 14 seconds cooldown / 800 AoE / 25 pic
Level 3: 450 damage / 12 seconds cooldown / 800 AoE / 40 pic

Actually a realy strong AoE spell because of its huge 800 AoE, hitting everything in a huge area
around Poison Mage. Constantly spammable due to short cooldown. But having a huge mana cost as most
of Poison Mages spells, lay downs condition of a solid mana regeneration.

pic Poison Slow

Level 1: Decreases IAS rate by 20% / 30 damage sec / 700 cast range / 20 secs cd / 10 secs
dura / 14 pic
Level 2: Decreases IAS rate by 30% / 40 damage sec / 850 cast range / 18 secs cd / 10 secs
dura / 18 pic
Level 3: Decreases IAS rate by 40% / 50 damage sec / 1000 cast range / 16 secs cd / 10 secs
dura/ 22 pic

A pretty powerfull spell again. 500 damage total and 40% attack rate decrease is massive. One of key
spells in DoTer Poison Mage. As i always use Grotlantneruber on my Poison Mages, those two will
crush physical DPS of opponents.

pic Intelligence

Level 1: 200 damage / 8% chance / 2 intelligence / 900 cast range / 25 seconds cooldown / 10
Level 2: 400 damage / 8% chance / 2 intelligence / 900 cast range / 22 seconds cooldown / 15
Level 3: 600 damage / 8% chance / 2 intelligence / 900 cast range / 19 seconds cooldown / 20

A pretty strong nuke also it goes through everything, Sorrow Knight and Ogres, such as Acid Wonder.
8% intelligence might seem small and impossible but it rarely triggers and you miss your 600 damage.
Realy powerfull skill for nuke builds which Poison Mage performs significant.

pic Acid Wonder

Level 1: 2*Targets agility + strenght / 750 cast range / 20 seconds cooldown / 5 pic
Level 2: 2*Targets agility + strenght / 1000 cast range / 17 seconds cooldown / 5 pic
Level 3: 2*Targets agility + strenght / 1250 cast range / 14 seconds cooldown / 5 pic

This skill isnt useful in many aspects. Effective nearly only late game and most on strenght-agility
hybrid heroes furthermore mostly on agility heroes. But 800 damage to none hero units and i
remind this skill is a nuke which means its damage can be upgraded like 450 damage which is 1250
damage to non hero units and as Intelligence Drain this skill also goes through everything.
Intelligence Drain and Acid Wonder are combined to make a Ogre farm build.

Basic Builds

There are some basic builds which generally work smoothly and great. Since Poison Mage is a very
versatile hero, there many combinations and builds for him. Now i am going to give you some build

Caster Battle Mage

Poison Mage is realy powerful on physical damage concept. He has awesome skills and potential to
become a lane crusher physical damage dealer. Another plus Battle Mages deal damage in different
ways and depending on this fact it isnt probable to block Battle Mages efficiently.

Skill Build

pic Poison Attack: Works
pretty good with Poison Enchant. Assuming that only both provied 160 damage in level 32, this skill
is a must in this build.

pic Poison Strike Awesome
nuke plus lands a DoT on the enemy also slows down their movement and attack speeds. Combines realy
well with Grotlantneruber and cutting opponents overall speed to prevent them from fleeing and

pic OR
pic OR
pic OR

Mirror Image is a good advantage when blocking opponents escape wayout, triples the damage and
triples the orbs.

Blink is always good for rolling in or rolling out, chasing enemies and surprising them

Frenzy is a good boost to both attack and move speeds and it hastens up your overall speed.

Knights Word would be my second favorite along with Blink. 35% damage boost is not something to put
away easily, a more effective spammable boost even more effective then a maxed out Command Aura.

pic OR
pic OR
pic OR

Frost Wave is a good breathe taker, a short break for you also disables casting plus stunning after
that. Holds escaping heroes also deals damage in a linear way makes aiming easier. My favorite spell
among active skills.

Yeti Strike combines good with Blink and Flame Nova which would increase your burst and by stunning
the opponent giving you a huge advantage.

Slam or Yeti Strike depends on either you want more farming or focus on a single target. Also
cooldowns effect the choice.

Slow combines significantly with Grotlantneruber. Double slow plus preventing hero from escaping
also slows down physicaly and especially agility heroes.

Passive Build

1pic +
2pic +
3pic +
4pic +
5pic +

Passive output would be :

1. Level 4
2. Level 3
3. Level 5
4. Level 4
5. Level 5
6. Level 4

Item Build

Starting items would be :

pic +
pic +
pic +
pic +
pic +

After completing these items, legendary order should be :

pic +
pic +

Rhynns Eye holds everything we need, overall speed boost, huge damage and hit points boost and most
important, an active Silence ability and permanent True Sight. It is an obligation in this Battle

Helm of Equilibrium adds general stat boost, damage, overall speed and the most important our third
damage aura plus an armor aura. Boosts creeps plus significantly increases damage. It is an
obligation in this Battle Mage.

Kris of Insomnia will be our supplemental, a huge overall speed boost and will definitely increase
our attack speed a lot which is mandatory for dealing constant damage and being effective in hero
fights. Also Critical Strike which is also a huge addition. Active speed buff which will be our
escape and chasing mekansm.

Flame Boots is optional but it definitely adds fun and surprise advantage. Good damage while chasing
enemies and give us a semi-blink along with Blink.


In early game we wouldnt have a huge burst due to physical favored skills. Playing defensive and
acquiring Apprentice Club may help our survivability till the end of the game. We should
avoid risks and farm as much as possible in early game.

In mid game our dps should be increased a lot after gaining power skills and some passives but still
wouldnt be enough to get in a direct conctact with enemies. Farming is the key of this build but
joining in gank attemtps is also necessary.

Late game is where we dominate. Should complete least 2 legendaries and maxed out 3-4 passives in
this period and our DPS should be about 800. After getting Kris and completing 3 legendaries we
should see 1k crits and our DPS should be least 1300 and we should start chasing after heroes and
farming neutrals with the help of Helm of Equilibrium. Due to its high life steal from creeps we
should tent as much as possible.

AoE - Lane Destroyer

Poison Mages best specialty is his crushing AoE potential and capability. It is clear that no one
can beat him in this scope. He is capable of dealing huge damage from far distances. And his AoE
spells are one of the best.

Skill Build

pic Poison Waves is a
lane destroyer and a crusher spell. It is so effective with its massive and rapid waves hitting
after and after. Enabling incredible lane farming with its distant cast range.

pic Poison Nova combines
pretty good with poison waves since both are semi-spammable especially Poison Nova. They form a
great lane destroyer together and raze everything into ground when used together.

pic +
pic +
pic +
pic +

Angels Wink has many usages. Target distraction, combines greatly with Supporting Spirits,
constantly spammable. Definitely a good support skill.

Blink is always good and it is better on AoE casters. Diving in and throwing everything on your
opponenets is a huge fun and an effective way. Blink is a life saver and grants an immense surprise
advantage, which is deadly in many situations.

Spell Shield might be a better choice. Completely untouchable for 5 seconds plus can heal up to 600
with Supporting spirits, always a good friend.

Unlike Angels Wink, Holy Save dispells buffs, which is useful against debuffers and since we wont
buff ourselves, it is useful and gives a better heal when combined with Supporting Spirits with a
fairly nice cooldown.

pic +
pic +

Frost Wave is always good because of its high casting range and linear damage. And mini stun can be
realy useful.

Fire Bomb has very distant cast range which is realy good for hitting enemies from far ahead or
finishing fleeing enemies. And it deals AoE damage which can be useful in different aspects.

Shadow Drain would be my favorite in this selection. Slight hit points recovery and nearly hits
every enemy in a cone. Pretty good spell for this build.

Passive Build

pic +
pic +
pic +
pic +
pic OR
pic +
pic OR

Flame Nova is an obligation. Flame Nova combines perfectly with active spells and provides the AoE
damage we need.

Energy Craft is an obligation in this build. It is needed to damage heroes constantly. A caster
without it cannot be imagined in my opinion.

Bloody Skin will be our extra heal. It combines significantly with this build. AoE crushing will
heal us constantly plus huge heal on hero kills is also a life saver.

Regeneration Aura will combine with bloody skin plus will aid us on movement speed a bit. Since we
wouldnt have a lot of movement speed in this build, it will be useful.

Healing Time is one of my main options in caster builds. Caster meant to fight for long periods and
this spell is a life saver in many situations

Supporting spirits can be a good alternate to Healing Time depending on the cooldown of your
supportive skill. Sometimes better than Healing Time in different aspects.

Intelligence Bonus give less regeneration but intelligence instead of that.

Brilliance Aura gives no mana but better regeneration also it is a good support for allies.

Passive output would be :

1. Level 5
2. Level 5
3. Level 4
4. Level 4
5. Level 4
6. Level 3

Item Build

Starting Items would be :

pic +
pic +
pic +
pic +

After completing these items, Legendary order should be :

pic +
pic +

Rhynns Eye is a classic item for every build. Provides everything we need. And we need its hit
points bonus to survive.

Acid Talizman is a pretty good item overall. Another AoE with heal plus invisibility afterwards. A
good escape item or can used to sneak in. Combines well with blink and if used good, death can be
avoided whole game which means you will be gank secured.

Magic Gloves is an accomplishment to a real caster. Mana bonus it provides is just what we need
since our spells cost a lot of mana and +2 mana per cast is fatal plus releasing Deadly
Skulls everytime we cast is a great bonus, pretty nice item for this build.


This build is massive farmer and a lane crusher. Totally destroys everything in a lane, so lane
defense is easy to do and gold gaining is not a problem on this.

Dps is also very powerful on this build. Poison Waves is an awesome spell which destroys everything
in its path and having a huge cast range gives us a dominant map control.
Poison Nova is a great spell, short cooldown makes it constantly spammable despite its high mana
cost. But after acquiring a regular mana regeneration, spamming these spells shouldnt be a problem.

Playing defensive in early game is an obligation. At level 21 we should have fulled Flame Nova and
our burst should increase a lot.
In late game playing agressive is the key. Poison Waves should be spammed constantly without wasting
time, this helps on farming plus disturbing enemies and forcing them to turn back to base in early

DoT Poison Mage

pic +
pic +
pic OR
pic +
pic OR
pic OR
pic OR

Poison strike is a killer spell with huge initial damage plus a strong DoT and slow overall. Pretty
strong spell and main damage dealer in this build.

Poison Slow is our another main DoT. Nice damage at total plus cutting off our enemies attack speed.
It is a good DPS stopper.

Black Spirit is my favorite compared to Parasite. Combines very well with Flame Nova plus it is a
dominance in early game versus enemy heroes.

Blink would ease our job a lot. For chasing heroes and catching them to repeat DoT spells in long
fights also the best escape mekanism in game.

Healing Touch or Spell Shield an heal spell can be a good alternate to blink if you want to play
less offensive and more defensive play.

pic +
pic +

Flame Nova and Energy Craft are the main passives in this build. I suggest picking other passives
mostly defensive. Endurance and Regeneration Auras plus 2 defensive passives would be the best after
acquiring our regular speed.

pic +
pic +
pic +

Grotlantnerubers slow is needed on this also combines good with our primary spell.
Not much to say about Rhynns Eye one of the best items in game also permanent Truesight catches
invisible heroes and prevents them to escape our sight.
Acid Talizman is good for sneaking in and pretty good escape mekanism and heal when we are in
Ring of Flames is always a good burst and acquiring also Flame Boots they two combines specifically
well. Also can build Apocalyptic Mace as third legendary for long distance jumps and movevement
speed and attack speed.

General Tips

- Poison Mage is a slow hero and his overall defense is fairly weak. At least
having a escape mekanism which can be an item or skill, and having constant healing is the key near
good DPS. Always a heal or blink needed to stay in line.
- Poison Mage have very powerful burst and AoE and he can farm very well so
assuming the roll of lane defender would ease the work of your teammates.
- Poison Mage is a slow and vulnerable hero so having a decent movement speed is
needed to escape or chase enemies.
- He has one of the best nukes in game so his a pretty good nuker. And a build
like Intelligence Drain + Poison Strike + Poison Slash dominates lanes. Also he has an
impression of a burst hero and scares the opponents even before you attack them. Use this as an
advantage. Seeming powerful more than you are is mostly useful.
- Needs huge farming since having a mostly simplex primary spell, limiting his
way of usage. He is not a good supporter and cant keep his allies alive effectively, only support he
does is clearing lanes and bursting enemies.
- Hes a more powerful summoner although people think he isnt effective on that.
Fire Wolf Call + Poison Minions + Poison Nova(Shortest cooldown spell also good back-up
damage since it has a very long cooldown) + Essence of Life combines a pretty strong
summoner. You can add many many more spells and items in this combination.
- Acid Wonder and Intelligence Drain are truly Ogre farmers. They both
go through every unit and with a good nuker build. They deal more than 5k in less than 45
seconds. Easily one of the best Ogre farm spells and with a good tank it is possible to kill Ogres
more than 20 times.


Thank you for reading my guide hope you enjoyed. I love Poison Mage definitely one of the best
heroes in game and hope it becomes more popular and people discover his true potential.
I also enjoyed preparing this guide a lot since i love making guides.

Well see you on the next guide :))

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