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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news 1.18b CHANGELOG
A vendor showing the eternals now appears in singleplayer, near SK
Descriptions of Draeneis and Dracs powers (when youre picking them) have been shortened so they can be wholly read.

Fixed the issue where the game would encounter a fatal error if a hero who was using one of the new aura-carrying abilities would die.
Fixed a bug where GOlden Ring of Heals Transmute would work on Hard Creeps.
Fixed the issue where -ar would not work, forcing players to pick.
Fixed a bug where Knightlord would get Dwarfs powers instead of his own.
Fixed the Necromancers primary so it indeed deals damage to nearby heroes.
Fixed the issue where Healing Salves passive wouldnt work when hit by nuke
When you kill yourself, you dont get stat bonuses-on-kill anymore
Naga Princesss summons cant be revived anymore.
Fixed Human-side center towers to correctly display the amount of times they have been taken when you select them. (as the attack upgrade number)
The game now properly recognises Akama as an AGI hero (when using Unleash Power) Edit: DENIED, this bug has evolved and survived in its new environment.
Nether fumes now do cost mana to cast.

Dual Hazard is now available after the 6th minute mark.
Mind Revenge: Now has a bonus on level 5 - when nuked, also reduces enemys nuke bonus by 20%
Passive feedbacks damage put from 2 to 5 damage points per mana

Grotlantneruber: Now does not provide bonus armor anymore, bonus damage dependant on int lowered from 50% to 40%

Thanks to everyone for the fast feedback!

The game now gives a bit more meaning to creeps and towers, and gives better bonuses for killing ogres, and especially the Sorrow Knight.
Introduced a neutral Tavern of Westfall, offering two new heroes:
-Akama the Draenei
-Stribog the Weather Lord

Creeps and Towers
Creeps and Towers now upgrade based on the average level of the team (in truth, it is a bit more complex than that to avoid problems with AFKers in teams etc - but in general, you can see it as an average). Most towers are a bit weaker in the beginning, but get stronger over time.
Center towers do not upgrade based on your level, but on how many times they have been taken over (each tower individually).
Center towers now deal less damage to creeps. All towers have their splash damage reduced.
center outposts dont stop replacing after the 60th minute mark, and will, after being taken a few times, have enough range to strike at heroes with very long attack range.
The base towers are now weaker (especially against the summons).

Hard Creeps, Ogres and the Sorrow Knight
Hard Creep mechanics changes (this includes SK and the ogres):
Debuffs on hard creeps will be reduced by up to 30%. (50% on SK)
Now targetable by all spells that are not instakills, not hexes, or stuns that would last at least 3s. Some other unique spells like Death And Decay also do not work.
Battlemagic, Grotlantneruber, Giants force, Bloody golems, Priest armor, and Energy craft bonuses now also work on all Hard Creeps.

Changed the ogres - the middle two ogres are golden (+500 gold per kill), the corner ones will be dire ogres:
Killing a dire ogre gives +10% golden demolish for next 5 minutes to creeps only. Bonus 5% per each next ogre killed (10% first time, 15% 2nd time, etc, up to 50%)
Dire ogres are a bit easier to kill than Golden ogres.

Sorrow Knight changes: a lot of changes, which are also clearly described if you select him in the map and look at the items he carries.
SK now has a resistant skin, the spells will last the same duration as if casted on heroes.
Increased his basic damage by ~30%.
His AoE spell now affects everyone nearby.
He now returns 60 damage to all attackers instead of just melee ones, behaves like magic answer. It gets decreased by both spellprotection and armor.
He gets stronger each time you kill him
The summons around him are about 40% stronger.
He regenerates at a rapid rate if no-one would attack him for a few seconds.
Rewards for killing him:
Each 2nd wave in all lanes will get a powerful Sorrow Minion, which replaces the Centaur/Knight. This substitution lasts for the next 3 minutes.
The killing team receives an SK hammer which has stats as now, but may also be combined with any legendary to make an even stronger item specific to that legendary - an Eternal.
Teleport to SK is now free after the game ends; however, before that, its cost has been raised from 100 to 500.

Balanced randoming: To improve the quality of hosk pubs, players on the same team now have a significantly higher chance of randoming all the three hero classes. This feature can be turned off by the game owner saying -nbr = No Balanced Randoming.
Gold changed yet again - you now get 40 for your kills, 25 for allys and 15 for team leader ones
Nerfed the gold you gain from killing equal or lower-leveled opponents; Equal-leveled are now worth about 10% less, while those that are at least 4 levels beneath you are worth about 25% less.
You now get a constant sum of 1000 gold each time you have killed another 100 creeps.
Added slight overtime gold - Each player now gets additional 1 gold per second.
Randoming of skills gives you less gold/xp over time now (from about 8k bonus gold in 60 minutes to 4k)
Added 500 gold team bounty to ships/trees.
Added a -pt (Previous Tower System) mode.
The randoming of heroes will take less time now (the -random/-frandom commands will be more responsive).
Typing -center now works for <= 6 players from <= 4.
new cmd: clear txts instantly: -clr, -clear
new cmd: -surrender. This is a surrender feature, which works if at least 80% of players in a team agree and type this in a span of 60 seconds.
each player may now say -obs and he will become an observer. (blue can still designate who becomes one specifically)
ghost hero model - changed to ghostly KotG
ram spawning intervals now work like this: instead of always being 22s (normal non-ram game is 32), it depends on the number of players still in the game.
Effectively, for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 players its 32 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16.
Max gold for killed creep upped from 100 to 120 (affects games with the -center or -ram)
The logic behind the killing spree messages is now set differently - for example, Unstoppable is quite a bit harder to achieve than Killing Spree.
People on killing sprees now give more bounty when killed, 5% bonus per kill after each kill after 5kills, max 50% bonus
When ravens/ghosts are killed, items will now be returned to the owners base by a raven spirit.
When near shops, ravens and ghosts now get invulnerable after 1 second. Their color changes slightly while theyre invulnerable.
Adrenaline: Can now only be randomed for things which do instant damage for at least 250
Capped the +int, etc, per kill, to max 1 bonus (if you carry celestial trident and helm and kill a hero, you only get +2 int)
Changed graphics and icons of a few spells and one tent creep
After the game ends, you can now again blink into the waterfall area in the middle.. :)

The incredibly slowed movement speed/attack speed bug has been fixed.
When randoming, you will now truly have a same chance to random any hero (before, some heroes - especially Dark Gnoll - had an incredibly small chance of getting randomed)
Fixed the bug where after repicking, you could pick the same hero someone else already had, even if -sha wasnt on. However, the hero-type you just repicked becomes available again - but you cannot RANDOM him twice.
Fixed some tower inconsistencies (elf maintower had more splash than hu maintower, ships had more splash than trees)
Fixed the bug where hexing someone would turn him into a superfast rabbit instead of one of the slow creatures.
Some tooltips on items fixed to display correct numbers.
Supportives blessing and essence tooltips work correctly now.
If you set the -li mode (leaver items stay), you can now pick up your leaver allys items and not have the item-stealing system interfere/block you.
Slow cry and axe bombard dont share hotkeys anymore.
Axe bombard dmg numbers fixed on lvl2.
Buy raven msg will not be shown to obs anymore.
After swapping, your hero should now in all cases stay at the F1 hero spot (before, it would sometimes land on F2, and the attributes would be F1)
Dragon rune & ancient sword dont share cd anymore.. :P
Fixed a problem when you would enter mods -ap and then -rp
Fixed the bug where when portaling an item in 500 range, youd still need to have at least 100 gold (even though it wouldnt get spent).
Item-creating skills wont be put on the ground anymore if you got full inventory.
Rebalancing a player doesnt result in obs being able to talk to him anymore.
Added more detailed descriptions to immolations for clarification: they indeed work with battlemagic and similar effects.
Fixed void charm to correctly state that the setcost is 4700
Golden demolish creepkill bonus is now included on the floating txt that floats from the just-killed-creep
Ethereal Mark now correctly states it provides 15% evasion (which was its real value for all this time)
Fixed a bug where you could stack effects of several different acid bombs skills together.
Fixed an exploit where youd be able to attack the Sorrow Knight without him responding, therefore giving you an easy boss kill.
After two players swap, if they want to swap right back, they now both have to agree to it again.

Offensives & Supportives
Shadow Sight: its buff now provides bonus damage to anyone who uses a nuke on the target unit, bonus dmg on nuke is (+10 +20 +30 +40 +50)
Cripple: Cooldowns changed from 15 16 17 18 18 to 18.
Fear: Cooldowns changed from 15 17 19 21 23 to 19.
Light Walk changed: its transition time will now lower over the levels. Previous transition time was ~2.2s. Now, its been set to 2.0 1.6 1.2 0.8 0.4.
Pulse Goblin: Base damage from 11 to 14 18 22 26 30. Increased their HP by 50.
Dark Sacrifice: Creeps killed by it now do give +gold still, and XP as well (also applies if you deny with it, but gold earned will only be 15/30 instead of 40/80)
Mirror Image: Cooldown from 20 to 35, duration from 15 25 35 45 55 to 25 30 35 40 45
Sneaky ward: Cooldown changed from 60 55 50 45 40 to 60 52 44 36 28. They now have auto-detonate if enemy heroes come near them (can be turned off). When one of the wards goes off like this, nearby wards with auto-detonate will also blow up in a chain reaction.
Doom Wave: Area of effect (in other words, width of the damaging wave) nerfed from 250 to 200
Finger of Death: If target had under 20% health, it now deals 50 100 150 200 250 additional dmg

Regeneration & Endurance aura - 2 3 4 5 7%, 3 6 9 12 15 HP / sec, and 4 8 12 16 20% attack speed.
Endurance, Command, and Minion aura - are now only 66% as effective on the Team Leader creeps.
Durability is now available after the 7th minute mark.
Cap of agile strikes has been lowered to 225%.
Deadly skulls changed to 50 + [your level]*1.5 dmg (so from 75-100 to 50-125)
Regeneration casting - INT heroes now get healed for 15 30 45 60 75 hp per cast, just as STR and AGI heroes. Channelings stay at 10 20 30 40 50.
Added a cap to Unstable magic - max 7 units hit. Structures are priviledged before units.
Hardened skin changed to be more effective against the heroes:
70% chance for (14 22 30 38 46), min 15 for creeps (as it is now)
70% chance for (25 35 45 55 70), min 15 for heroes
Bloody Golems - They now make a small explosion on death - when killed, they deal 75 damage in 250 aoe
Skeleton Mastery - skeletons now dont appear when you kill allied units or summons
Brother aura: At level 5, its range is now increased by 50 as a bonus.
Healing time: changed from (180 260 340 420 500) to (200 250 300 350 400) per 20 seconds. It now also heals bonus (1 2 3 4 6)*[your level] on each tick.
Elune Sight reveal radius changed from 400 600 1000 1700 2500 to 900 1200 1500 1800 2100
Enchanted Nuke changed from 40 80 120 160 200 to 40 60 80 100 120 + [your hero lvl]*(0 1 2 3 4)
BlackShot Aura changed to 8 12 14 16 20%
Strength Bonus gains bonus on lvl 5: gives you +1 str on herokill
Backstab Attack numbers changed from 15 30 45 60 75 to 30 45 60 75 100
Dual Hazard: Attack Damage increased from 7 14 21 28 35 to 9 18 27 37 45
Vampirism: Melee bonus from 2 4 6 8 10% to 3 6 9 12 15%, Ranged bonus from 2 3 4 5 7% to 2 4 6 8 10%
Paladin Aura: Revives a creep near you every 30s at level 5
Intelligence Bonus gains bonus on lvl 5: gives +1 int on herokill
Feedback: Damage per 1 burned mana point lowered from 8 to 2.

Items which nerfed feedback by 50/40% now nerf it for 40/30%.
Rexxars Vengeance: Added -8sec revive time
Grotlantneruber: Changed the bonus damage fron int/4 to int/2.
Grotlantnerubers active (Battle Clarity) replaced with a DoT spell Mental Strangulation, which strikes 9 times in 3 seconds, tick dmg = 30. Grot now gives +25 armor by default, intelligence bonus is now in base stats.
Mark of an Angel: changed its ingredients. Instead of boots, it now requires belt of giant strength + boots of quelthalas + robe of the magi. It therefore costs 300 gold more, and does not provide +20 movement speed anymore.
Vorpal Chakram: The actives debuff-on-hit duration increased from 3s to 4s, ms reduction from 20% to 25%
Vorpal Chakram: multishot is now not reduced by armor anymore.
Ruby Iron Branchs gold bonus from 25 to 20%
Sapphire staff gives mana regeneration based on your level.. 0.3-0.7 (from constant 0.5)
Power hands: The active no longer gives bonus xp.
Great Claws keeps the Hood of Cunnings owl ability
Golden Shoulders descriptions now correctly state that it also gives +5 armor
Golden Shoulders: +10 gold per 10 seconds - cannot gain more than 750 gold this way. (12.5 minutes). Game informs you when it has worn out. This means you can buy the golden shoulders for 13 minutes then sell them, without losing any gold overall.
Golden Shoulders: Now heals additional 50 HP when your life is under 40% (along with 100 from when under 70%).
Golden Ring of Heal - Transmute cooldown from 80 to 65
Basic Bow and Demonic Dagger actives now dont stack anymore (when you use one after another, the old buff now gets removed)
Divine Hammer: Anti-creep-pulverize buffed from 60 to 75 damage.
Rune of speed changed to only give you a 35% ms boost (for 90 seconds)

Warddropper primary - now only heals the Team Leader creeps by 66% of its potential
Shaman of the Claw: starting armor raised from 3 to 5
Panda: starting ms from 215 to 220, starting HP from 1100 to 1150, attack cd from 1.55 to 1.52
Kodo Master: give 6 more starting dmg
Centaur Archer: give 12 more starting dmg, improved his agi/lvl from 0.8 to 1.1

Dark Gnolls primary: now deals more dmg per soulshard, and also heals 80 HP if you cast your primary and already have 3 shards
Sea Ogres primary: nerfed dmg from 80*lvl to 70*lvl
Kobolds primary spell Crushing Blow now slows for less movement speed on later levels (from 10-30% to 10-22%)
Shaman Of the Claws primary: Each of his wolves can now roar (each just once) for +15% dmg for 2s
Kodos primary: now made to be 50% more effective if casted on self
Clawers primary: reduced cd from 20 19 18 17 16 to 17 17 16 16 15
Dark Ones primary: Now also heals 10% of your missing HP (max 400). Summon dps buffed by 20%.
Gnolls Primary: Shockwave Arrow replaced with a new targeted AoE Spell, Crescent Barrage.
Taurens Primary: Damage buffed from 60 120 180 240 300 to 80 150 220 290 400
Spirits Primary: With each level he takes in it, his tiny summons get 10% more HP.

About 60% or 70% of powers have been changed. You can see the complete changes in the file here
Some more notable changes:
Improved the chance that blinking skills like Breakers Bolt Blink will take off correctly.
Area of Effect skills like Frozen Storm, Blood Bath, Demon Crossing, etc., now have improved damage over levels
Breaker: Doom - the Doom Guard now has a pulverize, 25% to 90 dmg
Sorceress: Physical Explode renamed to Mana Combust
Sorceress: When casting Dragon Rune with full inventory, a dragon spawns beside you now
Kodo: Magic Drums changed, they now dont create an item for you, but make the Kodo carry a damage-increasing aura (which works on heroes as well) for next 10 seconds.
Archmage: Siphon Mana renamed to Siphon, as it now also steals 50 75 100 health per second.
Tauren: Creep Roar is now only 33% as effective on creeps.
Knight: Dispel Magic replaced with a new spell, Holy Radiance: Dispells all negative buffs from the caster. He also gains a healing aura for 3 4 5 seconds.
Knight: Holy Furyness renamed to Holy Wrath
Knight: Holy Double changed from a "tanking illusion" to a more normal one
Revenant: Soul Flayer (snake ward) - Now spawns Flayer Minions when the Soul Flayer kills a unit.
Dark Gnoll: All summons buffed by around 20-30%.
Dark Gnoll: Lifeforce Grip fixed to have correct duration, buffed the duration a bit as well. (used to be 0 + 1*soulshard).
Poison Mage: Intelligence Drain now deals damage whether the +2 int applies or not.
Sea Spirit: Grow % chance to give you an extra attribute point increased from 9% to 32%
Naga Queen: Summon Couatl changed to a Couatl Strike (nuke): Deals 100/200/300 nuke damage to the target, and orders the couatl to attack that target. Improved its stats too.
Gnoll Archer: Spiders now have a 10% slow aura (stacks with passive) in 200 AoE.
Gnoll Archer: Scarab Body replaced with Infected Shot: spawns lifestealing blood worms around an enemy instantly as you cast, also deals damage to the target
Nature Druid: Hex - Fixed a bug where it would spawn a superfast rabbit sometimes. :P
Panda: Summon Pandas - changed so first lvl is melee, 2nd = 250 range, 3rd = 400 range.
Naga Princess: Lightning Orb - Casting this when you have full inventory now instantly gives you 40% of the gold youd get for selling it manually.
Naga Princess: Water Break - Now also heals allies in the targeted area for half its power.
Ranger: Wolves - Now gain another ability at L3 - Poison Slash attack (10% reduced speed, 25 dot, 2s duration)
Paladin: Spirit Bolt - removed the summon which accompanies the nuke.
Paladin: Divine Shield - After its finished, the Paladin is Exhausted - For 3 seconds, his movement speed is lowered by 20%
Clawer: Animate Dead - Its units are now invulnerable.
Necromancer: Disease Cloud - Its duration has been sliced in half.
Drac: Zombie - When the zombie dies, he now also deals 250 dmg to units around him.
Wolf Rider: Voodoo Doll replaced with Voodoo Walk: For 6 7 8 seconds, you can walk through units and have +40 +55 +70 damage.
Wolf Rider: Dominating: Is now capped with maximum damage: 1500/3000/4500.

Changelog to latest version: v1.19 here
Changelogs for older versions:
v1.18b: here
v1.17d: here
v1.17c Xmas: here
v1.17b: here
v1.17: here
v1.16: here
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v1.10: here
v0.98g: here
v0.98d: here
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v0.98b: here
v0.98: here
v0.97b: here

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