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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news Change log [from 1.17 to 1.17b]
- Current game owner is now shown when using ”-ma” or -owner.
- rocks around the map have less HP
- if blue discs, the new owner can set the game modes now too
- All creeps at the side lanes are now instantly killed when using -center
- with -li on, the map should distribute the gold that a leaver had and drop the leaving players items off in his base.
- bonus HP per 1 STR point nerfed from 18 to 15. Agility attack speed bonus nerfed from 1% to 0.8%.
- Item orbs deal only 50% damage if on images.
- Raven and Ghosts Teleport Item dont cost any gold if youre in 500 range of the hero.
- Gold doesnt get reset when you repick in singleplayer

- cannibalize, aerial shackles, hunger, area heal are channelings
- removed a part of corrupted aura’s description which mentioned doom axe
- acid talizman’s burst now grants you the kill
- Sapphire is now really a NUKE
- Dark Gnoll’s primary is now really a NUKE
- Natures Arrow is now really a NUKE
- Moon Light is now really a NUKE
- Fixed an issue where revenge passives from Magic Shield and Magic Gloves wouldnt work
- Fixed an issue where you could get stuck between rocks near the east teleporter back-to-base
- spirit walker’s mana breath description values fixed. Also, manacost from 5/8/5 to 5/5/5..
- After using an active of Aegis / Targe, your hero won’t lose his target anymore.
- The secret unit’s hotkeys fixed
- Gemini teleport exploit fixed
- Priest’s Dark Side description values fixed
- Damage meter now returns correct dps regarding giant’s force, battlemagic, etc.
- Poison Lord can now hit buildings
- Aegis visuals text is now a bit bigger to ensure all players can see it (a hardware issue)
- Adrenaline casting time in description is now correct
- Etherlord’s nether tap descriptions corrected to reflect its real values
- Mithril sword gold cost updated
- Fire Gloves now state correct goldcost when you’re far away from the base
- Kodo drums item now has correct cooldown and mana cost
- The ”lvl up” texts now can’t be seen by enemies through fog / on invis units
- You can now Repick or Swap after Rebalance in the beginning too :)
- chakram negative buff is a bit redish now so you can recognize it’s a buff for sure
- Crypt Lord’s Fiends can’t be revived / animated anymore (but you can use them to revive your beetles and whatnot)
- rabbit polymorph doesnt drain mana while in effect anymore
- items now really do disappear on allies too if they were bought by a player who just left (only if -li mode ISNT on)
- fixed an issue where odd items would sometimes drop on the ground after using some illusion-based powers.

- Gold Bonus removed
- Unstable magic doesn’t work on the main protector / castle until their main tower has been destroyed
- Energy Craft changed to depend on your base intelligence.
- Deadly Skulls changed to depend on your level/2
- Instead of not working, flame nova now ”slowly recharges” in the first 10 seconds (so if you cast it in the 6th second it’ll only do 6/10th of its dmg)

- Vorpal Chakram: Damage bonus of the chakram reduced from 20 to 12. Active’s max heal now starts at 300 (at lvl 1) and ends at 500 at lvl50. Autoshot (magic damage every 3.5s) nerfed from 125 to 75 damage.
- Vorpal Chakram: Quick Volley chance reduced from 40% to 25%. Its damage reduced from range/5 to range/8. Max range is 500 at lvl 1, slowly progresses to 1000 (reached at lvl 50)
- Executioners Justice passive chance raised from 20% to 25%
- Grotlantnerubers active now also gives you +40 armor for 8 seconds
- Incinerate now has no cap (its cap was 200 dmg), but if you’re hitting the DPS meter its counter is reset every time the game tells you current dps.
- Casting time on Apocalyptic Maces active has been removed
- Cast Range of Incinerate Mark from 500 to 400 range.
- Incinerate fixed to work in same numbers as described
- Bone Bows HP bonus nerfed from +350 to +200
- Acid Talizmans dispel part of the active changed a bit - it now smartly dispels everyone in 400 aoe around your hero.

- Dark Ones avatar powers bonus dmg nerfed from 60 90 120 to 40 60 80
- Fire Warriors Shuriken buffed (damage bonus if hit from behind from x2 to x3)

read OLD change log 1.17 here to know more !

REALLY Thx to all that helped!!

Changelog to latest version: v1.19 here
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news Comments:
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KileRatZ (27.Nov - 15:55, 2009): The Dream Golem. =)
Cillidan (23.Nov - 10:30, 2009): ”- The secret unit’s hotkeys fixed” secret unit?? wtf...
KileRatZ (30.Sep - 12:55, 2009): Please post comments that consider balance here
alemfi (29.Sep - 23:16, 2009): I disapprove of the change to energy craft.... too weak for anyone other than int.... should be more like the change to deadly skulls. with a base that will continually get stronger, rather than just plain.... int.
KileRatZ (29.Sep - 22:46, 2009): Base damage is always 40. And you’re simply wrong, if you insist then show me a replay and the exact time when this happens.
Corsavious (29.Sep - 22:14, 2009): It doesn’t work everytime. Most of the time I cast it, it only does the base 40/80/120 damage. Very rarely did it get the bonus 200 from the passive.
KileRatZ (29.Sep - 11:36, 2009): It does work. The bonus damage is applied just as you cast it.
Corsavious (29.Sep - 04:08, 2009): The Dark Gnoll’s Z is still glitched. It doesn’t always get the bonus damage from the passive enchanted nuke.
KileRatZ (28.Sep - 18:36, 2009): Except with its aoe thingy^^
KileRatZ (28.Sep - 18:35, 2009): Acid talizman only dispels buffs, it does not destroy summons.
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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
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Jimi003 (14.Feb - 07:49): My discord and announcement discord are the same thing, so please join us and help us playtest more games :)
Asfreedman (03.Feb - 02:15): We've been having games every day for the last week now! Whoever sees this make sure to join the discord over to the left!
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Think we could join them somehow? How many people are on your server?
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Hey I've got a discord with 17 total people on, started it a while back but forgot to post here:
levimega111 (19.Jan - 11:23): Made a hosk discord cause got a few games with ppl that knew how to play please join
Epik (14.Jan - 08:00): Will there be a new hosk for wc3 reforged?
Asfreedman (12.Jan - 04:53): just redownloaded wc3... so i'm playing a little here and there. My nick is ArtZoyd now and im playing on US East.
XiPiX (06.Dec - 22:09, 2018): Wc3 is alive again bois! If anyone is up for some HOSK? My ingame nick has change to Lolapops :)
Cillidan (20.Oct - 14:24, 2018): more or less. but this page is dead tho
ndinh (19.Oct - 13:43, 2018): this game still alive ppl?
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