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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news Change log [from 1.16 to 1.17]
- You cannot attack allied creeps and towers anymore if their health is above 40%.
- Communication to bots added. Bots may now record stats of players, what passives / skills / heroes they took, and 30 achievements.
- Assists system added. Everyone who contributed to herokills (killer, assisters - those need to have made at least 10% of damage) will receive portion of the kill bounty dependant on how much % of dmg they did to him in the fight.
- Antigang system. If you were engaged in a fight with the killer team having more players, the killer team will receive a penalty depending on how uneven the sitation was.
- A new hero is now playable - the Dark Gnoll, known to some as the Thousandvoice.

Modes, commands
- If there are NO MODES set by blue, -ap will be automatically set. Blue can truly have no modes by saying -nomodes. For example, if blue says -assr, no automodes will be activated.
- Modes may now be entered immediately at the start of the game (except -dd).
- -nli mod replaced with -li. This means leaver items now disappear by default.
- BFR removed, it’s on by Default from now on. -nbfr added to disable it. Randomed heroes will get NO bonuses when -nbfr is on.
- Leaver items will also disappear if he drops them on the ground, and another hero has already picked them up.
- Condition that all players should pick their hero/skills before you may use -rebalance has been removed.
- -pas mode removed.
- Added -noogres and -norepick commands.
- Added an -ac command: Auto-Clears text for you every 3 seconds
- Added a -styleX command, where X is a number (only useful when someone in the game has Ironhold Aegis)
- Game owner (”blue”) may use ”-owner” to designate who takes commands after he leaves. If he doesnt use it, the player with most kills gets the command.
Repick (”-repick”) now works for all players. Conditions:
- You can repick only once.
- You cannot repick if you already learned a skill on your hero (active or passive).
- You cannot repick if your hero level is greater than 1 (yes, you cannot repick in -SS, the map won’t support it at least for now).
- You cannot repick if your allies already picked up one of the items bought by you.
- You cannot repick if you left the base already.
- You’ll get a -500 gold basic penalty.
- If your hero was random first time, you get -100 more gold penalty.
- If your hero had X random skills first time, you also get -100*X more gold penalty.
- You can only -repick before 3rd min mark.
Swapping heroes (”-swap X”) now works for all players. Conditions:
- Command works like -swap X, where X is the number of the player you want to swap with.
- Swapping only works if both heroes are fully randomed!
- You cannot swap if you already learned a skill on your hero (active or passive).
- You cannot swap if your hero level is greater than 1.
- You cannot swap if you left the base already.
- You can only -swap before 3rd min mark.

Creeps, herokills
- Hero Kill gold is not lower anymore if the victim had randomed skills.
- Changed bonuses when your creepkill number reaches 100/200/... from 400/800/... to 600/1200/...
- If you kill a creep, you receive 40 or 80 gold, but if your ally does, only 30 (60).
- SK and the 4 ogres don’t have resistant skin anymore (still cant be targeted by stronger abilities).
- Killing a Magic ogre now awards 5 intelligence and 5 mana, instead of 10 mana.
- Ogre anti-summon hardened skin nerfed from 50% of reducing 150 dmg to 30% of reducing 50.
- Raven and Ghost now have resistant skin, and are therefore immune to spells like Transmute.
- All transmutes changed, they give some more gold when cast on creeps.

- New passive shops icons and new Fire Wolf Call icon
- Minimap changed - house icons now don’t appear above normal shops around the map anymore, but they do above legendary shops.
- Nature Druid’s model reset to Keeper of the Grove.
- New skin for the mighty Crypt Lord

Other things
- bonus on lvl up for nukers, but just last 10 levels - +10 nukedmg each lvl above 40
- Buy Attribute Points now has no ”cooldown”.
- Damage healed by Angel’s Shield, Spellcaster’s Shield, and Sense of Move, and new mystical Ironhold Aegis, now stacks diminishingly.
An example to clarify a bit: Angel’s shield and S.S. have 12.5% chance to completely evade any attack. If angel’s shield block works, NOTHING else will because all 100% dmg is blocked already.

- Fixed DPS meter bug (where after fullpeace, the Human team couldnt check their dps)
- fixed the invulnerability bug where units would have to re-enter the safezones after the game ends to become invulnerable
- Wolf Rider’s Bounty Kill now works correctly when you kill a hero.
- Angels shield and spellcasters shield don’t stack anymore.
- obs mode fixed (obs only talk to themselves in [allied chat] )
- Demonic dagger movement speed bug fixed
- Passive Weapon Mastery now truly has a 75% chance (had 63).
- Passive Pulverize now truly has a 60% chance (had 53).
- Passive Hardened Skin now truly has a 70% chance (had 60).
- The Critical Strike passive description now states the correct chance (20%).
- [-frandom] and [-random + 4x -rs] should now both give same amount of gold (frandom fixed to give more)
- Damage meter now takes in account battlemagic, grot, and giant’s force.
- Renamed all furyness skills
- Found & fixed a bug which caused a majority of game crashes (not desyncs) in HoSK.
- The four spirit lodges (tents) around the map will now be seen in black fog at the start of the game, and not confusingly appear when you come close for the first time.
- When the game ends, revive time greater than 5 of dead heroes will be set to 5 immediately.
- You cannot blink into various caves around the map anymore :P
- Fixed the colour bug that would sometimes happen if you used more than 1 rebalance.
- fixed an exploit where you could be channeling an ability invisible.
- Fixed an exploit which could be done with Rifleman if he has the healing salve supportive.
- Illusions now also get the ethereal mark’s transparent effect after some time
- After 5 minutes, people who don’t have their heroes yet will not count as part of their team (meaning that -rebalance will not count them in when looking at two-player-difference)
- From now on you’ll always get the bonuses on kill like bounty kill, bloody skin heal, bonus int from helm, etc. As long as one of your units kills an enemy hero.
- After using Essence of Life / Blessing for the Weak, your hero will continue attacking.

- Fixed an exploit where you could abuse cooldowns if you had more than 1 spellshield ability on your hero.

- Replaced Big Bad Voodoo with a new Supportive, Blessing for the Weak
- Replaced the supportive Magic Cloud with a new supportive, Adrenaline.
NOTE: You can’t random adrenaline if you have faerie fire, life drain, shadow sight, earthquake, doom wave, pulse goblin. You can still pick it. (you’ll get why when you see it)
- Light Walk has better durations at early levels, from 5 10 20 40 80 to 10 20 30 40 80
- Dark Sacrifice gives max 400/450/500/550/600 HP now
- Gemini: the Gemini image may now ”switch places” with the real hero. To do this, you have to double-click the copy. works max once per copy and in max 300 400 ... 700 range.

- Buffed Lightning Ward DPS
- Pulse Goblin buffed, now deals (30 35 40 45 50) DoT all around him
- Golden Footman and Pulse Goblin buffed as summons.
- Parasite buffed - the minion also deals 20 damage per second to nearby units.

Power Skills
There were many changes here, I’ll just list some ideas:
- Most swarm skills (orbs flying around the hero) now have 66% bonus damage against heroes.
- Most lifesteals have been nerfed in power. This also goes for some other powerful buffs.
- Most Avatars have been nerfed, especially in duration.
- Most ensnares and some other disables have been nerfed, especially in range.
- All item-creating skills have been buffed in some way.
- Skills like Holy Furyness and Etheral bombardment now deal more damage and/or strike faster.

Some powerskill changes that were a bit more major:
- Revenant’s Stench of Death replaced with a new skill, Dark Rejuvenation.
- Necromancer’s Corpse Bomb replaced with a new skill, Disease cloud.
- Fire Warrior’s Shuriken has been re-vamped into a normal, different ability. (still named Shuriken)
- Naga Queen’s Dispel magic replaced with Summon Poisonous Couatl
- Ranger’s Starfall now summons a Channeling Ward, which then starts channeling Starfall.

- Added a new passive, Snake Aid. Snakes appear around your hero while you are channeling a spell. 5 5 6 6 7 ranged snakes, they get a 200 bonus range at lvl 5, and they improve per level.
- Added an Agile Strikes (Agility Crit) passive - It’s a normal critical strike but depends on your agility. 25% chance to crit for (100% + [your agi]*0.3 0.35 0.4 0.45 0.5%) multiplier. So at lvl 5, if you have 150 agi it would be x1.75, at 200 x2.0, and at 250 x2.25.
- The Stats bonus passive now gives bonus 4/8/12/16/20 to each attribute.
- Firewolf has a tiny crit again
- Bloody golems max raised to 2/4/6/8/10
- Gold bonus remade, it now depends on your current gold : bonus 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5% of current gold every 30 s, but max 200 200 200 200 250 gold.
- Backstab Attack is now accepted in a 180° angle (from 120)
- Battlemagic buffed back to 10/20/30/40/50% of your int’s damage
- Sense of Move now works similar to Angels Shield and Spellcaster Shield, and stacks with them (but those two don’t stack with each other). 2 4 6 8 10%. Level 5 bonus remains the same.
- Strength Bonus gives bonus 4 8 12 16 20 strength. The pulverize is triggered this time.
- Rangers may pick the Pulverize passive from now on. Note that it activates around the hero, not around the attacked unit.

- Hell Contract: now gives bonus 10 20 30 40 50 gold for every kill in the game, 50/100/150/200/250 for your herokill, and 20/40/60/80/100 for an assist.
- Magic Answer now deals back 20 40 60 80 100 dmg (which is a nerf, 1.16 value was actually 23 45 68 90 113).
- Vampirism reVamped. Gives 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% lifesteal to melee and 2% 3% 4% 5% 7% lifesteal to ranged, and is an orb attack.
- Dual hazard bonus dmg buffed to 7 14 21 28 35
- Regeneration casting also heals you 10 20 30 40 50 HP per second while you are using a channeling spell.
- Feedback now isn’t stronger on INT heroes anymore. Instead, you also burn bonus (max enemy mana)* 0.5% 1% 1.5% 2% 2.5% mana points.

- Durability changed, 25 bonus HP each lvl (750 at end), instead of armor it now gives 2 4 6 8 10 liferegen bonus.
- Unstable magic now also has a 50% chance to dmg some nearby building. Dmg to buildings 2x as big.
- Flame nova can get executed only once every 10 seconds at max.
- Naga Princess’s Lightning Finger item buffed to deal 375 dmg (from 275) and have 10% more dmg per jump instead of 10% less.

- Mysticals revamped, all of them have been changed in some way or replaced. From now on you can’t have more than 1 mystical on your hero at the same time, and secret recipes are not so secret anymore. Overall, currently mysticals are costly items which scale through the game and are supposed to be stronger than normal recipes, yet weaker than legendaries.
They won’t be described here. But mysticals that got completely removed are Golden Sword, Emerald Wand, and King’s Horn.

- Orbs on items (orb of the dragon, void charm, Rhynn’s, Helm) now all work on images.
- SK hammer dmg buffed from 60 to 80

- Scroll of Teleport is now stackable - max 3 charges
- Basic items have been restored to 0.98g status, and recipe costs changed accordingly. This also means Helm of Azrael costs 4k again.
- However, fire gloves’s fire charge now decreases armor by 10.
- Both skulls (passive and magic gloves) now stack with each other.
- Flame boots - ms bonus nerfed by 10
- Mithril Sword - also decreases attack and movement speed by 20% for a few seconds.
- Paladin’s Ring - Cooldown dropped from 30 to 20, mana from 7 to 6, but only heals 4 units (from 5)
- Crushing Axe - Increased damage by 6.
- Ancient Sword - Added 0.75s casting time to the blink.
- Divine Hammer - Anti-Creep Pulverize dropped from 150 to 60 damage.
- Fenix Power - Armor decrease raised from 10 to 20, but cd raised from 20 to 30.
- Bone Bow - Now also gives +350 hit points.
- Void Charm - Now costs 400 more gold.
- Lorica’s HP on built nerfed from 800 to 500.
- Nature’s Will now also gives 350 hit points on built, its active has been buffed : also decreases armor by 35 for 8 seconds.
- Magic Gloves: Added an offensive Banish ability. One hero may be offensively banished max once every 15 seconds. Only enemy heroes targetable.
- Staff of Yuna - SIN: replaced ”15 hp per 9 sec” with 100 HP per 10 sec
- Apoc Mace’s Blink of Great Flames now only reaches for up to 450 range, with 1s casting time. However, in addition to ”flame strike” it also hits nearby 9 units for 350 damage. 20s cooldown.
- Acid Talizman now also dispells you and your comrades of any debuffs (max 5), same for nearby enemy units (max 5). Also, its windwalk backstab damage raised from 300 to 400.
- Removed anti-nuke from Spellcaster’s Shield
- Orcrist Pulverize’s damage nerfed from 150 to 120.

- Paladin : starting MS nerfed from 220 to 215.
- Satyr: starting HP buffed from 852 to 1002.
- Knight: starting MS decreased from 235 to 225.
- Knight: starting attack speed nerfed from 1.43 to 1.48
- Necromancer: starting MS nerfed from 235 to 230.
- Wolf Rider: starting MS nerfed from 250 to 245.
- Rifleman: starting MS increased from 210 to 225.
- Gnoll Archer: starting MS increased from 215 to 225.
- Dryad: starting MS nerfed from 235 to 225
- Elune Child: starting MS nerfed from 255 to 245
- Fire Mage: starting HP buffed from 902 to 1002
- Fire Mage: starting attack speed buffed from 1.65 to 1.60
- Storm Lich: starting MS buffed from 215 to 225
- Wizard: primary nuke’s stuntime nerfed from 2s to 1,5s
- Centaur Archer: starting attack speed buffed from 1.80 to 1.70

read OLD change log 1.16 here to know more !

REALLY Thx to all that helped!!

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Tomaxko (05.Sep - 10:12, 2009): lot of nice work
Graymark (05.Sep - 04:02, 2009): bye bye front page dl >:(

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