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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news Change log [from 0.98g to 1.10]

Shrinking Deterrence

Major Changes
Removed Cyclone on Grotlantneruber
Rune of Hell only works on the one who picks

Minor Changes
Poison Slash slow effect reduced
Deadly Skulls armor removed damage buffed
Critical strike on Fire Wolves removed
Weakness Aura reduced a little
Hell Contract buffed
Flame Nova cant be picked before 12th min
Durability buffed
Druids Aura removed HP bonus
Slow nerfed
Increased cooldown on Teleport
Howl of Terror reduced slightly
Holy Save nerfed
Basic Bow buff reduced
Holy Strike heal reduced (Paladin)
Divine Shield cooldown increased (Paladin)
Dark Ghosts reduced movement speed (Breaker)
Stone Will reduced duration (KnightLord)
Hunting Hawks removed truesight (Knight)
Holy Wind Walk increased cooldown (Knight)
Immolation reduced damage slightly (Fire Mage)
Lightning Blast reduced slow (Sorceress)
Physical Explode reduced slightly (Sorceress)
Hero Ressurect changed (Priest)
Dual Heal cooldown changed (Priest)
Reincarnate reduced (Chieftain)
Death and Decay changed (Necromancer)
Bloodlust reduced (Wolf Rider Primary)
Mana Elemental reduced feedback (Gorgon)
Frozen Ward stun frequency changed (Gorgon)
Bear Strength lifesteal changed (Druid of the Claw)
Slow Cry reduced (Axemaster)
Vampiric Rage reduced (Assassin)
Heavy Pain cooldown increased (Warden)
WindWalk movement speed bonus changed (Warden)
Mind Stab damage type changed (Malfurion)
Great Nature Winds lifeleech reduced (Dryad)
Spiritual Speed reduced (Spirit Walker)
Banish changed (Spirit Walker)
Geostrike duration reduced (Kobold)
Great Kobold Armor heal reduced (Kobold)
Autocannons changed (Rifleman)
Lightning Charge nerfed (Storm Lich)
Attack Range reduced on Murloc
Grave Pray cooldown increased (Murloc)

Fixed Bugs
Dark Guille typos fixed
Mana Breath typo fixed

Special Thx to all that helped

Changelog to latest version: v1.19 here
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v1.18b: here
v1.17d: here
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news Comments:
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Tomaxko (26.Jan - 22:07, 2009): new version change log soon
Graymark (20.Nov - 18:58, 2008): sometimes when u blink it doesnt do the damage, either works whole game or doesnt work whole game
Tomaxko (17.Nov - 17:42, 2008): what was the bug?
Graymark (17.Nov - 16:15, 2008): Has the bolt blink bug been fixed?

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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
Other project: Toy Soldier

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ddranimestyl (16.Sep - 16:51): Please keep us in the loop!
frisch (26.Jun - 10:31): Noones waiting for a dota2 but for a HoSK 2 :) jimi didn't you say that you were working on a SC2 version of HoSK? Or was Kile working on it?
Sheki (04.Mar - 05:46): I like that tom's keeping this page up, its like a relic of the past
Jimi003 (27.Oct - 21:48, 2016): Alright, let's play some games this weekend!
ddranimestyl (23.Sep - 20:20, 2016): We're all still waiting for HoSK 2 or a dota2 remake or something...
Sheki (05.Sep - 02:42, 2016): sometimes
Epik (27.Aug - 02:33, 2016): do people still visit this?
frisch (19.May - 09:13, 2016): Btw catch me on reddit /u/frisch85 i started playing paragon recently and want you guys to join me
frisch (19.May - 08:58, 2016): Hey you little faggots :)
Malvodion (11.Apr - 00:32, 2016): Someone should consider reuploading the map.
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Random Hosk tip: 17. Int heroes take 10% less damage from magic and 10% more damage from Meele attacks.

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