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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news Change log [from 0.98c to 0.98 D] Added new stuff new passive Sense of move (instead of quick study) new mod -pas = random passives in passive shops -frandom = full random, no more -rs -rs -rs -rs madness new command for blue -center = it is like rampage, but can be tiped during game when there are les than or eaquel 4 players new item name -> cloak of haste -> basic Bow new item (replaced devils blunt(old flame holy sword)) Bone Bow new legendary (replaced nosperatus) - natures will Major Changes if you go in learn area after you learn your skills, you will be moved back in base and loose 200 gold Agility bonus changed to art of assassin with bit other effects Some hostile creeps got mark - harder creeps, and some skills does not work on them, such as death and decay is not working on sorrow knight. Report me if some weak skill is not working on harder creeps (that could be bug) gryphon maul has no creep bash, but now has +20 mana, and only +12 dmg circlen of nobility gives +3 to all and +10 ms other dead times in 1v1 Lorica fides rebalanced/changed Rexar vengence rebalance changed Rexxar vengeance recipe - warrior helm -> sacred hammer orcrist recipe changed: crushing axe-> ancient sword (some stats changed too) ring of lightning rebuilt, ring of lightning recipe changed: cojured neclace -> celestial trident celestial trident rebuilt regeneration magic better for non intclass heroes Vampirism passive changed Minor Changes +range to corrupted aura scroll of blink has no starting time now. removed -maa - there was no use for this anymore, imo -ma is enough to use once... heavenly madness buffed comand to see all power for your hero -stp XX (works only for blue in singleplayer), XX is number of hero, 0=paladin, 1=dwarf... small sound added when you can start to use -random -rhc mode moved to second tavern dark sacrifice, better typos mark of an angel, mana cost raised heavily light walk buffed and typos changed Frozen ward nerfed Dark one attack range raised, and +0.2 int per level parasite buffed Weapon mastery rebalanced all pulverizes buffed after game ends, there is no invulnerable on reborn, cause we have invulnerable in base creep bash is stronger but is not working on stronger hostile creeps duration of silence in support shop is writen also mines bit nerfed cooldown rabit polymorph buffed REbalanced hero and his powers for: NAture druid, Fire Warrior, Jaina golden demolish buffed There is Message and Sound when legendaries are available random heroes code is now changed, so not all get random hero at once, but it has some wait time, so ther wont be one big lag, but more small lags in start when -AR in -rp random powers you wont be able to choose powers (well you, was but you got always random) now you will automaticly get 2 random powers. sneaky ward has now sneaky icon pandas heavy bash rebalanced and avatar as well charmed steel cost changed to 600 rhynn +20 mana points stats spirit heal buffed Fixed Bugs fixed typos that str do 130% dmg, it is only 115% magic claws cost fixed filled missing passives in icons with all passives (icons that moves you to passives) fixed mana lose values typos in buffs dark power autocasting text removed healing eye effect on targeted unit orcrist slayer in recipe fixed to chaos spear fenix power text is shorter, to see all effects divine hammer gives now realy str instead of armor mark of an angel gives 12 to all instead 10 to all stats Special Thx to all that helped

Changelog to latest version: v1.19 here
Changelogs for older versions:
v1.18b: here
v1.17d: here
v1.17c Xmas: here
v1.17b: here
v1.17: here
v1.16: here
v1.15: here
v1.10: here
v0.98g: here
v0.98d: here
v0.98c: here
v0.98b: here
v0.98: here
v0.97b: here

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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
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Jimi003 (20.Aug - 09:52): Where are you, children of Sorrow Knight?!
Lemon (29.Jul - 04:38): nevermind i found it out
Lemon (29.Jul - 03:57): It says download not found. Can someone help me out? thanks!
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): Santa is still known as santa
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): happy new year
Eisenherz (15.Jan - 13:13): Happy new Year!!!Whoots UP??
KileRatZ (07.Jan - 20:57): Happy 2018!
frisch (03.Jan - 02:03): Happy new year to all of you idiots :D
ddranimestyl (16.Sep - 16:51, 2017): Please keep us in the loop!
frisch (26.Jun - 10:31, 2017): Noones waiting for a dota2 but for a HoSK 2 :) jimi didn't you say that you were working on a SC2 version of HoSK? Or was Kile working on it?
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Random Hosk tip: 10. Holy Grave passive at level 5 decreases your death time by 50% and you can revive at the same spot!

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