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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


news Change log [from 0.98B to 0.98 C] Added new stuff attack speed info to all hereos added cooldown to few items (if you want, report the items that does still not show cooldown info) new names to 11 items: Slayer -> Chaos Spear Flame Holy Sword -> Devil Blunt Sword of the Sky - Celestial Trigent Ruby Staff - Ruby Iron Branch Emerald Staff - Emeralnd Wand Mages Staff - Apprentice Club Staff of great Flames - Apocalyptic Mace Ring of Anelim - Anelims Bracers Dragon Amulet - Conjured Necklace Wand of Intelligence - Amulet of Wisdom Demon Sword - Demonic Dagger with -ma you can see now even player numbers Some items have new stories. (report if some are too long, that bonuses are not seen) Major Changes final creeps dont have now mana burn but passive mana feedback, this should fix the wrong unit running as well.. summon endurance gives life too, standard summon life bonus per 10 lvl is raised hell contract gives 4gold per level for any hero death item triger code optimized and optimizer changed options,.. should be faster... flame holy sword-no passive bash, and active bash changed, lowered cost lowered cost to nosperatu twohander no more armor but str sacred hammer no more armor but str divine hammer no more armor but str, only 10% dmg bonus (not stack with sacred hammer), lowered cost kris of insomnia +15 agi, only 24 dmg, +10%atk speed -1000 cost magic gloves heavily changed -new ingrediet goldenshoulders>greatstaff acid talizman changed, only 300 hp, and 7 gold per 10 sec, hp reg and mana per 10 sec (from 10) Orcrist changed +10 str on built, +35 dmg, +10% attacj speed, no armor Minor Changes +2% on last level evasion buffed creep bash kniight lord 300 attack range now sea spirit 330 attack range now intelligence bonus, lower mana regeneration breakers doom skill bit nerfed breakers agility per level nerfed by 0.1 forked lightning 18 seconds cooldown in each level ring of lighting +10 ms ancient armor +10 str lorica fides +10 str on built spellcaster shield +150 hp on built crushing axe cheaper wardens berserk rebalanced shadowpower rebalanced basic alchemy text added that it stacks in last inv slot kodo command ward mana cost lowered kodo faster attack buffed sneaky ward reduced life to sentry ward dark owl buffed bonechilling ward buffed summon skeleton buffed poison nova buffed poison mage bit nerfed primary skill big bad voodoo is now wider centaur sound changed lightning blast for sorceress buffed blink item stock start delay nerfed bit fire nova rebalanced long fire ball rebalanced centaur archer +ms kodo rider +5 armor etherlord -dmg necromancer +ms crawler +ms dwarg +attack speed and armor warden: -killing glaive rebalanced -fan of knives rebalanced -+50 attack range spirit nova nerfed harden skin +10% chance deadly skulls nerfed -10 dmg and -100 range holy chain nerfed magic answer weaker agains summons ultimate heal passive works only if bellow 60% recall box now shows effect on hero last place, and also moves camera mana dance lower cooldown. Sea ogre: -stone form rebalanced -moon water rebalanced -tentacle cooldown nerfed -sea power nerfed -sea ogres stomp buffed -elemental arc rebalanced -Lazards buffed Dryad: -rock golem buffed -resurrection buffed -elemental arc buffed -coldnova buffed -chainspirit buffed -great nature wind buffed kobold +0.2 agi per lvl up nosperatu +10 str on built ring of flames removed armor bonus, reduced hitpoint bonus mono loss for mages reduced from 2.5* to 1.5*, but +100 area range Fixed Bugs Basic alchemy is now realy 200hp heal summon demolish typos 0% fixed no bonus gold if you are observer summon skeleton does not need any food now [bug] area heal for dotc should work now Legendary shop in sorrow area (in 30 min) is now REALY working ;) mystical shop for humans cant be select from further area fixed -ar + observer = bug -nf mode enabling after game starts fixed raven swarm should not have bad sounds typos and grammar +4hp to fix all hero life typos info power arrow typos fixed -bonus typos and color fixed life depends on summon upgrade was removed from few skills -modes writes now -dru instead of -dr assassin call cast range typos removed (it has no cast range) better typos on rear fire doom axe and corrupted aura text added that it does not stack doom wave typos of stun fixed shadow power slow info added learn passives typos fixed seapower typos fixed elemental arc area info added light walk typos fixed [observer] text in table is yellow now new loading screen text raven teleport text fixed to 100 Special Thx to all that helped

Changelog to latest version: v1.19 here
Changelogs for older versions:
v1.18b: here
v1.17d: here
v1.17c Xmas: here
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v0.97b: here

news Comments:
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Tomaxko (23.Oct - 17:44, 2007): thx fixed
Washu (22.Oct - 19:11, 2007): BTW the Ravens Item Teleport still says 75g on one poitn :)

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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
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Jimi003 (14.Feb - 07:49): My discord and announcement discord are the same thing, so please join us and help us playtest more games :)
Asfreedman (03.Feb - 02:15): We've been having games every day for the last week now! Whoever sees this make sure to join the discord over to the left!
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Think we could join them somehow? How many people are on your server?
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Hey I've got a discord with 17 total people on, started it a while back but forgot to post here:
levimega111 (19.Jan - 11:23): Made a hosk discord cause got a few games with ppl that knew how to play please join
Epik (14.Jan - 08:00): Will there be a new hosk for wc3 reforged?
Asfreedman (12.Jan - 04:53): just redownloaded wc3... so i'm playing a little here and there. My nick is ArtZoyd now and im playing on US East.
XiPiX (06.Dec - 22:09, 2018): Wc3 is alive again bois! If anyone is up for some HOSK? My ingame nick has change to Lolapops :)
Cillidan (20.Oct - 14:24, 2018): more or less. but this page is dead tho
ndinh (19.Oct - 13:43, 2018): this game still alive ppl?
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Random Hosk tip: 1. Keep an eye on all the lanes if your opponent disappears from your lane they are likely helping in another.

HoSK time: 16.Feb - 17:14

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